REVIEW: Spectacular old NEW books for children’s preparation for Confession and Communion. Beautiful, traditional!

Our forebears loved their Faith.  They lovingly handed it on because of love.. for the Faith and for us.

Some of things (including churches) have been abandoned or forgotten, though they still have real value.

St. Augustine Academy Press has been reprinting – beautifully – old books.  Today I received two new old books, one for First Confession and First Communion.

These were originally done in the 1902’s.

These are lovely books, which are probably meant to be read with children at an early age and then reviewed by them as they get older.

They tell stories of different children on their way to the sacraments.

Compare and contrast.  Naughty or nice!  Look at God’s reaction!

They contextualize the examination of conscience and confession.

The Holy Communion book has a slightly different approach, bringing in devotions.

For scale and regular envelope.


I sat in my car for a half hour after picking them up from my P.O. Box.

(For you stalkers… I didn’t stay at the Post Office!)

Please consider these!  They would be GREAT for sacramental prep programs for parishes or homeschool groups.

One for First Confession

and one for First Communion.

And don’t forget…

And the deep but utterly charming …

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  1. ProfKwasniewski says:

    Everything St. Augustine Academy Press publishes is beautiful!

    More photos of offerings from them may be found here:

  2. kurtmasur says:

    Wow, this is so awesome! I think this needs to be translated into other languages (if it hasn’t already).

    I like the illustration during communion which shows the traditional setting of kneeling at the sanctuary steps while waiting for the priest to come to you and give you communion.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    8.5X11 inches!

  4. Beautiful books! These would be perfect for my kids, I’m always looking for good traditional reading material for them.

  5. adriennep says:

    Yes, they have wonderful reproductions on many topics, including the Mass for young children and Learning to Serve for altar boys. They even have rare novels. I can heartily recommend them all. Plus they have a special edition of Treasure and Tradition which can be purchased in bulk for group resell as fundraisers and given out as “tools of evangelization.” And of course, click the link here on Father Z’s site first!

  6. Fallibilissimo says:

    Jesus on the Via Crucis speaking to the little children: “If you would comfort Me, please remember Me, and sin no more.”
    So gentle, so meek and quite moving.

  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Those are gorgeous. It’s like someone using an ancient Roman fresco, and then putting modern people into the pictures.

    (And not to grind it in, but you may notice that the ladies and girls are mostly wearing hats. The little girl with the sailor boater hat is super-cute, but there are cloche hats, berets, etc.)

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