Bobby Orr … he shoots…. he scores!

Today I spotted a retweet by a friend of mine of the amazing flying Bobby Orr after he scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in 1970. FIFTY YEARS AGO!

Of course I retweeted it right away. Orr was my sport hero as a kid.

All of that distracted me from the news that Orr placed in ad in the Union Leader endorsing Donald Trump’s reelection.

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  1. Irish Timothy says:

    Father Z… a Canadian and HUGE Bobby Orr fan…..I can tell you without bias….that this……could very well be one of the greatest posts in the history of your blog. Whoa!!! Just my 2 cents! Seriously Orr is known for his kind and down to earth demeanour. I met him in 2013 and I couldn’t believe how genuine he was. Need more of that in sports and from our public officials in Canada and the US.

  2. SKAY says:

    Proof that he is a very intelligent man along with being a sports hero.

  3. PostCatholic says:

    I thought he liked being on the winning team.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    He is.
    He’s got a lot of company. Donald Trump is a singular entity, like Haley’s Comet. We’re grateful to him. We can’t think of anyone who could do what he has done. When people bluster and they can’t deliver the goods, that’s one thing, but when they can, they’re just telling the truth. He loves this country and our people. That has been obvious from the start. Why perfectly good people can’t see it, I don’t know. They aren’t trying, they’re believing what they’re told.
    It takes courage to be counter-cultural. Hating Trump is cultural, super easy. Seeing the real man takes work, work that people don’t want to put in, or are afraid to. It might cost them. It’s good that Bobby Orr has courage. Either way, we’re in trouble in these United States. In the last six months, a veneer got pulled back in our country and the world. Now we see how it really is. Bad.
    Our great President Donald J. Trump will only hold it off perhaps. But we’ll take it.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Bobby Orr, good man.

    Herschel Walker:

    Others include: Golf’s Jack Nicklaus, Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson, Da Bears Mike Ditka, Superman Dean Cain (“not cool with Marxism”), Mariano “The Sandman” Rivera, Conor McGregor.

  6. Archlaic says:

    Bobby Orr is was a GOD in New England – perhaps the most universally-admired public figure across the region for the past 50+ years – until yesterday. I chanced to learn of the endorsement from a “well-respected” local sports forum, which I check daily for baseball news and views. Orr was being absolutely eviscerated online by a horde of jock-sniffing moonbats, who on Thursday would’ve gladly paid for the privilege of standing in a lengthy line for hours to kiss his sainted backside in public (and would’ve probably required forcible removal from said posterior oscillation); but were ready to boil him in oil on Friday. Appalling!

    I apologize for the slightly salty language, But I wanted to convey the visceral reaction that I had to the way he is being treated. It is pretty obvious that Orr has done this out of pure and genuine conviction and he has absolutely nothing material to gain from it… As noted his standing will only drop, at least amongst the moonbats, and he is unlikely to move enough votes to matter… except perhaps in New Hampshire and northern Maine, which is perhaps the primary reason he has chosen to expend some of his personal appeal.

    Personally – growing-up with the Big Bad Bruins, with vivid memories of THE GOAL, having met him personally several times; but more importantly knowing a good deal about the man’s character (back in his playing days a local priest who knew him commented to the effect that although Orr wasn’t a Catholic, he was the most Christian man [Fr. X.] knew!) – this DOES carry a lot of weight with me… but I am sickened about what it says about the “mob”…

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    Archlaic wrote: “It is pretty obvious that Orr has done this out of pure and genuine conviction and he has absolutely nothing material to gain from it.”

    Bobby Orr, good man.

    “…but I am sickened about what it says about the “mob”…”

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings

    Feelings, wo-o-o feelings

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