IMPORTANT VIDEO: “Black Lives Matter Exposed” – tied to international Communism, Palestinian terrorists, founded by Lesbian Marxists

What is “Black Lives Matter”?

Black Lives Matter Exposed from Choose Freedom on Vimeo.

Friends… start thinking about self-defense.

Have a plan.

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  1. Patrick Coffin just did an interview with attorney Abraham Hamilton III, who says that BLM is also involved in the occult. He says that the whole “say their name” meme has to do with necromancy.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    The Five Rules.
    #1. Don’t do anything stupid
    #2. Don’t get pinched
    #3. Keep your powder dry. Be prepared!
    #4. Keep your eyes open. Situational awareness!
    #5. Be patient and strike for maximum impact.

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