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IMPORTANT VIDEO: “Black Lives Matter Exposed” – tied to international Communism, Palestinian terrorists, founded by Lesbian Marxists

What is “Black Lives Matter”? Black Lives Matter Exposed from Choose Freedom on Vimeo. Friends… start thinking about self-defense. Have a plan.

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St. Joseph, Patron against Communism, PRAY FOR US!

I received this image of St. Joseph today via snail mail from a reader. It seems appropriate in this time of BLM and Dems running for office and Antifa.

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Signs point to Maoists rampaging in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Chicago….

The other day I wrote a piece in which I opined about the Chinese role in what is going on today, from the intentional diffusion of the Wuhan Devil into the wider world to the violence erupting in our city … Read More

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The Catholic Church to Jesuits of Amerika: “No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.”

THIS – at Америка – speaks for itself. Dean Dettloff.  Who? HERE I note in particular another of his offerings: “Christian Socialism: The Fusion of Faith and Revolution”. Here’s a quote from his piece: Communist political movements the world over … Read More

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100th anniversary of “Terror, terror, and more terror”

Be sure to read Sam Gregg’s super piece at CWR on the 100th anniversary of the Communist revolution in Russia… which had the focus of Our Lady at Fatima. A taste: Herein we come face-to-face with the true nature of … Read More

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PODCAzT 147: Fulton Sheen on Patriotism

At The Catholic Thing I saw excerpts of a piece by Fulton Sheen on Patriotism. As I have done in the past, I’ll read the whole thing for  you.  Recently, I read for you his essay on how we have … Read More

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Is this building a… ?

At Church Pop there is a quiz. Here is a sample. Quick… is this building a: Modernist Church … or a… Communist Building?

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Fr. Z muses and rants

There is an especially awful story about clergy in Rome circulating right now. Once upon a time, I was walking under the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square with an especially well-placed curial official, nay rather, institution. I asked him if … Read More

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Antonio Gramsci, the destruction of Catholic identity, and you.

At the Catholic Thing there is a must read article by George Marlin about the uber-anti-Catholic and founder of Italian Communism, the brilliant but twisted Antonio Gramsci. Understanding Gramsci and the Italian version of Communism is verrrrrry important for faithful … Read More

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The story of a Vietnamese priest

Could it be that we are heading for something like this, even in our lifetime? Here is a story from CNA with my emphases. The desperate plight of Catholics in Vietnam – one priest’s story By Alan Holdren and David … Read More

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Fidel Castro: Communism failed in Cuba

AP has a story that a writer for The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, interviewed long-time Communist dictator for three days. During the interview, Casto admitted that Communism has failed in Cuba. HAVANA – Fidel Castro told a visiting American journalist that … Read More

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