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IMPORTANT VIDEO: “Black Lives Matter Exposed” – tied to international Communism, Palestinian terrorists, founded by Lesbian Marxists

What is “Black Lives Matter”? Black Lives Matter Exposed from Choose Freedom on Vimeo. Friends… start thinking about self-defense. Have a plan.

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Complete horror show of public schools. Truly frightening.

This afternoon I listen in total horror about the Milwaukee public school system.  The Rush of Milwaukee and Madison, Vicki McKenna (one of the best talk show hosts anywhere) had on a rep from MacIver Institute: The Free Market Voice … Read More

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Washington DC: young people chalk “Black Pre-born Lives Matter” on sidewalk and are ARRESTED!

This, in the nation’s capital:

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Will Black Lives Matter now turn on Big Business Abortion?

The Black Lives Matter movement, or whatever it is, is riddled with incoherence and inconsistencies. However, someone involved with BLM has turn a little attention towards Big Business Abortion, namely, Planned Parenthood. I mentioned Planned Parenthood the other day in … Read More

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ACORN promotes the Black Lives Matter thing

Remember ACORN? Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now It was morphed into all sorts of affiliated groups. It seems that ACORN is involved in the hate-promoting Black Lives Matter thing… and therefore, probably, killing cops. From the Washington Times or … Read More

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