More goop from Fishwrap about ordaining women

The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) has a cringe-worthy review of a book by John Wijngaards (an ex-priest – he quit because of the Church’s ” teaching on sexuality”) with a spectacularly mendacious title: What They Don’t Teach You in Catholic College: Women in the Priesthood and the Mind of Christ.

This is a “the sky is falling” book.   If the Church doesn’t get woke and ordain women, then… human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Actually, the human sacrifice part is what some in the Church would veer more strongly into with that sort of feminist victory.  Wherever religions of the past had female priests, there was temple prostitution and all manner of Moloch-loving rites.

From the Fishwrap.

Get this:

If the Eucharist is to be held in memory of the son of a human who is, at the same time, the Son of God, the church must stop being fixated on gender: Jesus’ gender or, for that matter, the apostles’ gender, is not a special gift.


Note the confused language about “gender”.   This is gender theory B as in B, S as in S.   Jesus’ “gender” was male because His sex was male.  Gender and sex are not the same thing.  And “gender” is being twisted into something that it never was… just a “gay” was.  It’s diabolical.    If you allow these deceivers to shift to discussion of what is increasingly vague “gender”, and away from the FACT that Christ was MALE, then there is nothing to maleness or femaleness.   Moreover, who wants to says, really, that not everything about the WORD MADE FLESH, the Redeemer, was “special”?   Everything Christ was was special, including the choice by GOD that He be MALE.   Even from the point of view of science, all that the Lord had, He had from Mary, a woman, who lacked a Y chromosome.  Christ had a Y chromosome because he was MALE.   That had to be on purpose, by a divine act.  God provided the maleness.  It wasn’t a mistake.  It wasn’t random.  It wasn’t meaningless.   From the instant of the conception of the Eternal Word in the womb of Mary, the process of virilization began.

Christ was and he IS male.  Forever.

How about…

Women are capable and needed as ministers. The church can, at any time, return to the praxis of the first centuries, ordain women as deacons and ordain women as priests, whether in extraordinary or regular circumstances.

There are many things wrong with this statement.

First, there is a problem with the word “ministry”.   There is confusion about what a “minister” is and what a “priest” is.   This confusion has led to concrete confusion of liturgical roles and also the notion that women (who can be ministers in some kinds of ministry) can be priests.

Second, the Church CANNOT “at any time” return to an early Church praxis which we really don’t know.  Also, just because something weird was done in one little community, that doesn’t mean that everyone did it.   And the fact that some praxis was swiftly repressed, suggests that we shouldn’t think that we can do it now “at any time”.

Third, what difference does it make if the circumstances are “ordinary” or “extraordinary”?  Women can’t be ordained, even as deacons.   The Sacrament of Orders is ONE, not three.   If women can’t be ordained as priests, they can’t be ordained at all.   They cannot receive the Sacrament of Orders.  They are not proportioned, by divine design, to receive the Sacrament of Orders.

Fishwrap is a parasite infecting the blood and nerves of the Church, inflicting enervation and anemia, eroding Catholic identity.   Fishwrap must go.

Pray that God deal with FishwrapHERE


May I ask you all to pray to St. Joseph, patron of the diocese where the offices of the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) are located? Pray that all the writers and staff of that heterodox and destructive publication either covert to orthodox Catholicism or else that they are driven to closure. Pray also that the bishops of these United States of America develop the courage to strip that publication of the word “Catholic” in their title.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Dear St. Joseph, Terror of Demons and Protector of Holy Church, Chaste Guardian of Our Lord and His Mother, hear our urgent prayer and swiftly intercede with our Savior, whom as a loving father you defended so diligently, that He will pour abundant graces upon the staff of that organ of dissent the National catholic Reporter so that they will either embrace orthodox doctrine concerning faith and morals or that all their efforts will promptly fail and come to their just end. Amen.

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  1. Thomas S says:

    Do we know where they get their money to stay in business? Is there some big money donor who keeps them solvent so they can continue their propaganda? The same wallets that are trying to use Sleepy Joe Biden to redefine faithful Catholicism?

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Pithy comments about fishwrap is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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  4. SimonK says:

    Some ancient churches had deaconesses. I think the important point about deaconesses, is they were not female deacons, rather a completely separate order of ministry. A deaconess had a distinct ministry from a deacon. Unlike deacons, who had a major liturgical role, the ministry of a deaconess was outside the liturgy. The exception to that, was they acted as the minister of baptism for adult female converts (there was a concern about the modesty of men baptising women, especially when some church’s had a tradition of naked baptism.) The ministry of the deaconess focused on charitable works, especially for female believers.

    To restore the ancient order of deaconesses is not ordaining women as deacons. It would be non-sacramental ordination to a completely distinct order of ministry–non-sacramental ordination in the same sense that ordination to the subdiaconate or minor orders is non-sacramental ordination.

    To carry out such a restoration may well be imprudent–indeed, in many ways the later innovation of female religious orders has taken away much of the purpose that deaconesses served–but I don’t think such a restoration would be illegitimate on purely theological grounds.

  5. jaykay says:

    “If the Eucharist is to be held in memory of the son of a human who is, at the same time, the Son of God, the church must stop being fixated on gender”

    A non sequitur and a strawman in one part of the one sentence. Wow. But then, as JustaSinner remarks, “shooting fish…”. At least they capitalised “Eucharist”.

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