Daily Rome Shot 10

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    Fr Z these photographs are amazing and bring to mind countless memories. Rome is a city not to be overlooked. This old fountain in the Borgo district is centuries old and still provides drinking water. It once was a communal well for this area. The street is in the borgo and it stretches from the St Anne’s Gate at the entrance to the Vatican down to Castel Sant Angelo. Its an ancient/medieval street and today it is filled with restaurants (some touristy…maybe most) and lots of religious goods shops. Clerical shops abound selling everything from bishops vestments to chapel veils. The restaurant at the top of the street is “Borgo Nuovo” and its popular with Vatican clergy….even cardinals will frequent this mom and pop place.
    Great photo Father.

  2. Rome is photogenic, to be sure. And the photographer is skilled.

    There in the background is.. was… is a restaurant which was once a reliable spot for a decent meal and a pleasant table, Il Mozzicone. It was run for many years, decades, by two former Swiss Guards. Alas, they moved on and the place went into a spin. I haven’t attempted it for quite a while. On the other corner, on the same side, there was once an old Roman gentleman and his little enoteca. He moved on, alas, and it eventually became an ice cream spot, which I think it still is. Old Rome fades.

  3. priest up north says:

    Ahh…Il Mozzicone! I thought so at first glance at the photo.
    Sorry to hear that they are no longer there. Enjoyed many meals there over the years!

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