Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 1st Sunday of Advent – 2020

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday (obligation or none), either live or on the internet?  Let us know what it was.   Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all.  Share the good stuff.

Also, are you churches opening up? What was attendance like?

For my part,… with the readings in English…

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  1. WhiteHawk800 says:

    Our pastor spoke about the symbolism and importance of ad orientem worship.

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    we had an older priest (80ish?) who is humble, joyful, and more than a bit forgetful (he skipped over a few lines here and there and repeated a few others for losing his place, bless his heart) – he weaved a meandering thread through Scripture along these lines: there will be a time when it is too late to return the Lord; this is not that time, but for all we know tomorrow could be; turn to the Lord and call on Him for He is merciful.

    only 50 allowed to attend in person per mayoral edict. if we weren’t at that (same limit applied ,May-July and since All Saints, was higher between) we were within 6% of the limit. i’ve been in person nearly every week since July and only Sunday @ 1030. today had fewer young people than i’ve seen in any such week FWIW. average age looked to be 65 give or take 3 (hard to tell sometimes w/ masks)

  3. JonPatrick says:

    With out of state visitors for the holiday weekend, we elected to watch the live stream from an FSSP church rather than attend in person. The homily touched on how Advent recalls preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas, his coming at the end of time, and also his coming to us in the present through God’s grace. this can be hard for us with the Deep State and even a Deep Church that is assaulting us and distracting us from being open to Him.

  4. Alex says:

    TLM. Father spoke on the Collect.
    Excita, quaesumus Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni: ut ab imminentibus peccatorum nostrorum periculis, et mereamur protegente eripi, te liberante salvari.
    His point was that despite the current exterior situations, the real imminent danger from which we need the Lord to free us is our own sins.

  5. hwriggles4 says:

    In person Mass yesterday. A good deacon gave a homily about “the other Christmas ” highlighting on the “Be watchful, be alert, we don’t know when our time will come” portion of yesterday’s Gospel. He also tied this into the Mass after the creed when “deliver us from evil…as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ ” is recited by the priest before we say “For thine is the kingdom, power, and glory are yours now and forever. ” I had never thought about this previously.

    As for attendance, we are capped at 225. I normally go to the 5pm Sunday evening Mass, and did yesterday as well. The past two Sundays there have probably been at least 200.

    For what it’s worth I drove the freeway last night and with COVID-19, I think many people chose to stay in town. Sunday night traffic on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is usually packed, since people want to make the most out of a holiday weekend.

  6. Lynn Diane says:

    We have the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form of Mass in person outdoors socially distanced in our parish in Oakland, CA. At the Ordinary Form Father spoke on Cdl. Sarah’s statement that reverent liturgy is essential to combating the evils of our time: godless terrorism, aggressive secularism, individualistic consumerism and the advancing culture of death.

  7. JakeMC says:

    I just tried to listen to this, but there was no sound. I listened to Sunday’s Advent Stations podcast just a few seconds before I tried this one, and had no problems there.

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