Good grief

In a moment of madness I tuned in for a few minutes to Fox (which I haven’t looked at since the election with the exception of Tucker… on YouTube).  As I tuned in, I took interest because I live in Madison.

Anyone see anything wrong with this?

Good grief.


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  1. MattH says:

    Canada annexed the UP? Seems like that should have made the news.

  2. WVC says:

    Cone on, Wisconsin! Take up arms against this War of Northern Aggression!! Is this part of Trudeau’s “Great Reset”!?

  3. Hornblower says:

    It seems that Canada invaded and captured the territory formerly know as Upper Peninsula Michigan.

  4. Charivari Rob says:

    You mean…

    That time I brought back pasties from that visit to MTU in Houghton, I should have filled out a customs declaration form?
    I’m a FELON?!
    …there go my chances of being elected to high public office.

  5. Cincinnati Priest 2 says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Even with Fox, most news personalities are coastal folks who dismiss “flyover country” except during election years when obsessed with the number of electoral votes each has. Outside of that number, they probably couldn’t tell you two facts about the midwestern states and probably don’t know the difference between Michigan and Missouri. “Somewhere vaguely in the middle between New York and Los Angeles, and close to Canada!”

  6. Semper Gumby says:

    The Canadians have siezed Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Evil tidings from the North Woods.

    In Wisconsin’s Barrow Downs, a band of intrepid adventurers lost in the fog have been captured by wights from the Witch Kingdom of Trudeau and held prisoner in a gloomy, cold barrow.

    “What in the name of wonder?” began Merry, feeling the maple leaf crown that had slipped over one eye. Then he stopped, and a shadow came over his face, and he closed his eyes. “Of course, I remember!” he said. “The men of Canada came on us at night, and we were worsted. Ah! the spear in my heart!” He clutched at his chest. “No! No!” he said, opening his eyes. “What am I saying? I have been dreaming. Where did you get to, Frodo?” Frodo suddenly remembered and began to sing:

    Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!
    By water, wood and hill, by the reed and willow,
    By fire, sun and moon, harken now and hear us!
    Come, Tom Bombadil, for Canadians are near us!

    Suddenly a huge man, angry and jolly at the same time, burst into the barrow. The wights shrieked, tossed aside their kale salads and fled. Tom pulled the hobbits out of the barrow into warm sunlight. He tossed a wrapped package at each hobbit. “Here, you need to recover your strength.”

    The hobbits skeptically unwrapped gargantuan sandwiches. “Lembas?” asked Frodo. “Eat! Eat!” laughed Tom, “They’re ButterBurgers from Culver’s!”

  7. Senor Quixana says:

    In light of the extreme measures of their governor, that may be a reflection of wishful thinking on the part of denizens of the UP.

  8. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Did the Canadians seize the Upper Peninsula, or was it gifted to Canada as retribution for Michigan having gone blue?

  9. Simon_GNR says:

    Even as an Englishman I can see the error. My reaction? Bravo Canada! March on all the way to Washington and burn down the White House again!!

  10. OneSeminarian says:

    *Coughs quietly in Canadian*

  11. Gab says:

    Does that mean Canadians voted in the US election too?

  12. teomatteo says:

    “No foool’n”

  13. JonPatrick says:

    Being part of Canada might not be so bad. Their left wing politics may make Biden Harris look like moderates by comparison but at least they know how to run elections. A recent by-election in neighboring New Brunswick had the votes counted and the winner announced about an hour or so after the polls closed. I guess they must not use that home grown Dominion voting system.

  14. acardnal says:

    Fox News is losing eyeballs recently. Many going to Newsmax.

    Geography is important but some schools don’t teach it anymore. Moving to a world with one government and no borders, I guess.

  15. Grumpy Beggar says:

    @JonPatrick : (lol) Living here north of the 49th and having spent 4 years of my early life in the province of New Brunswick – back when the Church wasn’t threatened , I’d like to offer several “other” considerations:
    -Nobody turned up to vote because they thought there was a hockey game being televised that evening.
    -The pubs and the taverns close early.

    -The frightening possibility exists that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi secretly gave Michigan to Canada for safekeeping while Mr. Trump had his back turned because they didn’t want to have a resurgence of Michigan republicans refusing to certify votes. Trudeau is supposed to give Michigan back to the USA once (and if) Biden is installed as president.
    But when you guys get Michigan back, you may not recognize it because you’ll have no abortion law, and religious rights and freedoms will be something you will only be able to find in fairy-tale books. You will all have to bow down to the god of political correctness or be prosecuted (here it is no longer permitted to say someone is dead – so we can’t offer prayers for the holy souls in Purgatory – we can only offer them for the “metabolically challenged“)
    Fr Z. made a trip up here to Canada one time . . .anybody notice that he didn’t stay too long ? : )

    When all is said and done, I believe you guys in the US still understand your rights and freedoms better than we do. And as horrible an onslaught that abortion is, at least, in the USA, the unborn still have a voice – Here, it’s dead silence !

  16. Michel MacDonald says:

    The UP should welcome their new Overlords. We are coming. This is the way.

  17. APX says:

    Remember that time we burned down the White House in the War of 1812? Well, we’re back and we’ve invaded Wisconsin. :p

  18. Mac in Calgary says:

    I’m sure we’d be happy to take Upper Michigan, but can we please have Wisconsin and Minnesota, too?
    In return, you can have Vancouver. It would fit right in with Seattle, anyway.

  19. murrius says:

    Joking aside (mostly), I have been pondering with increasing frequency the magnificent country that could be constructed from the western Canadian provinces (minus Vancouver and environs) and the US “flyover” states. Pacific port via Prince Rupert, southern ports via gulf of Mexico states, natural resources aplenty, ready capital, huge manufacturing potential, skilled workforce, shared values etc. and, best of all, freedom from the tyranny of progressives. Leave eastern Canada and the US coastal states to pursue their socialist utopia unfettered by common sense, facts, the lessons of history, and Christian morality.

    A guy can dream……

  20. Semper Gumby says:

    Mac in Calgary: 54 40 or Fight.

    Michel MacDonald: Your every frostbitten plot shall be confounded for it is written in Jeremiah:

    Against Canada, thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel: Eh, woe unto Ottowa! for it is spoiled; Vancouver is confounded and taken; Montreal is dismayed, it is a swampland and a haunt for barn owls.

    There shall be no more praise of Tim Hortons: in Alberta they have devised evil; let us cut it off from being a nation: it will be a portion for foxes, it’s people clothed in sackcloth and derision. O maple syrup! thy pitchers will be poured out and thy jars smashed. Let the people rend their parkas and weep into their hands; for Bobby Orr dwells now in the tents of Boston.

  21. JacobWall says:

    We did it just so both sides of the Soo would be ours. Nothing more complicated, nothing personal. Just convenience.

  22. DeeEmm says:

    Didn’t know you guys had joining Canada on the ballot. Or did Dominion fix that for you after the fact?

  23. hwriggles4 says:

    Was Kelso teaching geography that day?

  24. Kathleen10 says:

    Do we really need Michigan. We wouldn’t mind if Canada did annex it. I can name a few others they might want to have as well. We’ll trade em New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado and we’ll take Vancouver. How they’re going to get them up there is their problem. Promise them tyranny, they like that.

    Whatever you do see the press conference with Rudy Guliani and Sidney Powell today, Nov. 19th, in Washington. The meejah is trying to spin it as bizarre, but it was anything but. We hear the reasons why the Trump team has proof President Trump won “by a landslide” and our American voting system has been entirely corrupted with now the media’s direct help. They are pretending there is nothing to see here. What there is to see is massive cheating by many, many people, and the amount of cheating is astounding. If we let this go there will be no further elections that are free and fair in America. No Republican will ever win high office, and maybe no office. If Democrats can do this, they will be unstoppable. They know it.

    What we need are more Americans and friends of America to share the information about this press conference, to bypass the media blackout and censorship of actual news that they don’t like. No surprise here, Fox folded to pressure and took it from one of their block of 4 “minor stories” and buried it with the story about the God-awful Rockefeller Center Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. They actually got blowback for covering it, the story about cheating on a grand scale, and the media is ignoring it. You have to hear all three speak, Guliani, Powell, and a young lady on the Trump team who handled the press like a pro. It was all very gratifying really.

  25. Fr_Sotelo says:


    I’m always curious about the desire to give us Californians the boot from the Union, in spite of the fact that we produce the most food (and wine) in the entire nation.

    When I ask my farmer parishioners, how can this be, they respond,

    “Those are the folks who will stop eating when California is given the boot. Yes, just like that, they will miraculously no longer need the food we produce which not only feeds their faces, but is exported to more than a hundred countries who purchase California food.”

  26. Semper Gumby says:

    Kathleen10: “What there is to see is massive cheating by many, many people, and the amount of cheating is astounding.”

    True, the Party of Death, the Biden-Harris cabal and their collaborators are trying to steal the 2020 election. A coup attempt is another way to look at this.

    “If we let this go there will be no further elections that are free and fair in America.”

    If these Marxist, pagan creatures steal this election then Yes, the 2024 election is probably stolen from the American people also. This situation is only partially about hatred of Pres. Trump, far more it’s about hatred of Freedom and American citizens.

    If the 2020 election is stolen by the Party of Death and their collaborators, the situation in these United States will probably then go kinetic by the end of this decade. The First Civil War was fought over slavery, so will the Second.

    “No Republican will ever win high office, and maybe no office.”

    In some scenarios these United States will break apart, that is, secession by various states, probably followed eventually by two countries: the U.S. constitutional Republic and a Party of Death tyranny. Which will probably then lead eventually to another war.

    A significant problem with these United States going kinetic domestically or breaking apart via secession is that the ChiComs in Beijing, the Putin regime in Moscow, the mullahs in Tehran, the Neo-Caliphate in Ankara, the Socialists in Caracas, etc., etc., will aggressively exploit the situation. Those regimes are likely to quickly abandon “globalism” and the U.N. for their own ambitions of Empire.

    “If Democrats can do this, they will be unstoppable.”

    Take heart, tyrannies and dictatorships are painful but temporary. Freedom will triumph again. Though, as in the 20th century, it may take decades, even generations, to crush tyrannical regimes, and in this Fallen World the battle against tyranny is never-ending. The death toll in the 20th century was well over a hundred million, if in the years ahead nuclear or biological weapons are widely used the death toll could be in the billions.

    “They know it.”

    Allow me Kathleen10 to put it this way: they Believe it. They reject God and the Good, the True, and the Beautiful with the vehemence of occultists. Politics is their religion, their god is the State. With today’s Party of Death, whether the person is a deranged high official or just a typical unhinged zealot, it’s the same old story: over-confidence, vanity, arrogance, lust for power, malice, free-roaming rage, evil, willful ignorance, rejection of God. The Party of Death is repeating the same old mistakes, but using 21st-century technology.

    And as before, some of those people will seek redemption. What remains to be seen is how many and when.

    Christus Vincit.

  27. TonyO says:

    Take heart, tyrannies and dictatorships are painful but temporary. Freedom will triumph again.

    True, Semper Gumby: After many travails, freedom may well triumph again.

    But allow me to point out that nothing demands it, in this vale of tears. Many and many a people oppressed by one government were released from one oppressor to gain a different oppressor. It might be more than mere generations, it could be a millenium before a decent government comes out. It took Britain hundreds of years to throw out the Vikings. It took Spain even longer, some 700 years (i.e. over 25 generations) to push out the Moors.

    The only thing certain in this life is that the true salvation is from our God, and the complete overcoming of evil will not happen until the return of Christ and the end times. I don’t strongly believe that a semi-permanent series of oppressions is to be our lot, but once this current political order is overturned, nobody can well see what is in store 2 or 3 or 5 generations ahead. We might unite together in throwing the liberalistas out and recovering a sense of decent government. But we might not. We might try it, only to be taken over by the Chinese. And if anyone thinks long-term, it’s the Chinese.

    Pray. And work. If rescue comes, it will come from God’s will, whatever its human form.

  28. Semper Gumby says:

    TonyO: Good comment. Certainly men and women of faith and fortitude are required. May I kindly add that the ChiComs are not the only ones who think long-term.

  29. NOCatholic says:

    I’m as bemused as anyone here about Fox News mistakenly labeling the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as part of Canada. (After all, why would the famously “nice” Canadians be so rude as to invade us?)

    But the more recent posts make me scratch my head. I’m not seeing what others are seeing. I’m not seeing a coup attempt. I’m seeing the gradual, orderly resolution of a contested election process, including recounts in places like Georgia that confirm the result, and court cases that fail to change the reported outcome. The only dictatorship or coup attempt would be violent or other extralegal interference in that process.

  30. Semper Gumby says:

    “I’m not seeing what others are seeing.”

    For two months you have made your lack of knowledge quite clear.

  31. Semper Gumby says:

    “I’m seeing the gradual, orderly resolution…”

    Take a closer look. Death threats, enemy lists, doxxing, threats of re-education camps, propaganda by corporate media, and attacks on Trump supporters is not “orderly.”

  32. NOCatholic says:

    “Death threats, enemy lists, doxxing, threats of re-education camps, propaganda by corporate media. . . ”

    I’m seeing all of that, directed against election officials trying to do their jobs (with the corporate media being Fox news), and even attempts to pressure states legislators to certify Trump electors in states where Biden won.

    As you say, that is not “orderly”. Fortunately, all that is unlikely to change the outcome. If it did, that would engender the worst crisis in American history since the Civil War, and dwarf anything that the Biden/Harris administration might do.

    (You really should have taken the red pill, not the blue one. . . )

  33. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – I invited you to break out of your information bubble. You seem to have declined. You’re certainly free to keep your head buried in the National Review-like sand, but then you can’t fairly complain that you can’t “see” what other folks are seeing.

    And Semper Gumby, I believe, was referring to the 2 folks in Wayne County, Michigan, who refused to certify the votes but then reversed course and certified the vote. They later have rescinded their certification and explained that they and their family received death threats with their home addresses published in order for them to be doxxed. There is an awful lot of news that you are not getting by artificially restricting yourself to only what the mainstream media wants to spoon feed you.

    Also, aside from underestimating how much evil the Biden/Harris administration can accomplish, the point you seem to be missing is that IF this election was rigged, IF there was massive fraud involved, IF Trump actually did win and is being denied his second term, then we’re ALREADY in a Civil War. At the very least a legitimate coup. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on what evidence has been provided to date (in terms of what’s visible to the public – there are plenty of claims of sworn affidavits and potentially digital logs which will be admitted to the courts), the simple statistical anomalies should make ANYONE concerned about the integrity of the process. You honestly think Joe Biden won FEWER counties than Obama did, yet somehow garnered MILLIONS more votes? He under performed when compared to Hilary EXCEPT in those critical swing states? There are mathematicians with videos out there asking hard questions. Heck, even a third of Democrats are saying they think the election was rigged.

    If you don’t see anything, it might be because your eyes are closed.

  34. Semper Gumby says:

    WVC: Good points. And this “NOCatholic” is willfully ignorant, a troll, or both who continues to dispense disinformation spiced with ad hominem.

    [C’mon now. Train this guy up! Think of him as “Jody”. “I’m gonna take a 96…”]

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