Daily Rome Shot 37

And there’s this. Rome. New Year’s Eve. And be careful in the streets at the stroke of midnight!

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5 Responses to Daily Rome Shot 37

  1. Semper Gumby says:

    Happy and Blessed New Year Fr. Z, Ed Pentin and everyone.

    The other video was made by a Sicilian. Amidst the hand gestures, violins and arguing over cannoli you can hear: “Never go against the Holy Family.”

  2. Mariana2 says:

    Happy New Year, Father!

    I made Boeuf á la Zuhlsdorf today, your Cognac and Dijon Beef Stew, a very big success. Thank you!

  3. Mariana2:

    That’s great news. It is a good combination. And after a couple days it is better. The key is to be fairly courageous with the amount of mustard.

  4. roma247 says:

    Oh boy…too bad that video doesn’t have captions…the dialogue is really hard to make out, especially at that speed…but what I could make out was delicious! En-ni-o Mor-ri-co-ne!!!

    La mia missione è fermare il Papa!

  5. trespinos says:

    The list of those who died included also Diego Maradona.

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