Daily Rome Shot 54

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    Hi FrZ another interesting shot in Rome where the ancient meets to contemporary. This shop is right across from the Trevi Fountain. In fact it faces the grand fountain. the Trevi fountain isn’t one of the city’s oldest fountains but it is among the most beautiful and popular. I am not sure how popular it was before the film “Three Coins In The Fountain” in 1954 but today it is a must see. One piece of triva about the film and the hit song of the same name — in the film only two of the girls throw a coin into the fountain…not three. So, its really “Two Coins In The Fountain”. But, I digress. Back to the fashion store in the foto with the columns. I am not sure if the columns are authentic or reproductions added to the building for affect. But, lots to see in this area. One block behind this shop is the “Street of Humility”, the Via dell’Umiltàe, where the original Pontifical North American College was located. The US Bishop’s Office for Pilgrims is located there and helps with papal audience tickets. Boston’s long dead crusty and powerful Cardinal William O’Connell was a student there and later rector. Today, it is still part of NAC but for priests in grad studies at, perhaps, the nearby Gregorian University (a five minute walk). Thanks FrZ for these pictures.

  2. grateful says:

    Okay, whomever gets to Rome first: find out about the columns.

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