ASK FATHER: A one-page info sheet to help get the TLM started in a parish. ACTION ITEM!

From a reader…


We’ve communicated a few times in the past concerning efforts to get the TLM going our parish. Thanks for your advice and input along the way. We are making progress.

Can you suggest a simple one-pager that could be made available to first-time attendees at the TLM to help them follow along and get the big picture? If not, what would you suggest?

I found Treasure and Tradition a great resource as a follow-up for those who want to understand and appreciate the Mass at a deeper level.

Looking for something much simpler and easy to absorb, if there is anything.

I figured you would know about it if there is anything. Thanks again for all your help.

Firstly, I can’t speak highly enough of Treasure and Tradition.  It is spectacular.  US HERE  There is also a Spanish version.  HERE  Also, if you buy in quantity directly from the publisher, St Augustine Academy Press, there is a discount.

To your question: a simple one-pager.

I don’t have one.   However, I’ll bet there are some readers, including priests who have implemented the TLM in their parishes, who have created something like that.   It could be good to gather them into one place (here!) for people to use as starting points for their own parish’s liturgical catechesis.

I invite any of you readers out there to send me via email the resources you created… bulletin series, inserts, pamphlets, etc.   Write to me HERE.  Put TLM RESOURCE in the subject line.  I’ll write back and you can, in response, attach your scans, files, or photos of your examples.  I’ll see what I can do about putting them into a useable format for consultation.

This was a good question with a good idea.

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  1. majuscule says:

    I was able to condense the information in the link below to a one page handout, especially highlighting the table of the corresponding parts of the TLM and the Ordinary Form side by side. I think it really helps people who are already familiar with the Ordinary Form to see that the TLM is not so different. (If you visit the link you’ll see what I mean.)

  2. sggreener says:

    Thank you majuscule this is most useful. I’ve been looking for just such material for our EF chapel. We have people come, look confused, and leave never to return. We have the red misselettes, the propers available but i wonder if people can “join the dots” when trying to use them. We make DVDs available but they are old tech for younger visitors. So, I am keen to see what comes of this appeal.
    In JMJ

  3. sggreener says:

    I’ve often wondered if using a highlighter to mark the proper positions in the red misselettes would be useful.
    In JMJ

  4. ChesterFrank says:

    Rorate just had a review of a publication by Sophia Press:

  5. Orual says:

    I second Benedictus at Won’t be fully available until August but looks like a great aid for beginners to the TLM.

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