“Let’s stop demanding perfection from potential allies.”

Over at The Remnant – they are upping their tech game there – Michael Matt has a video “From The Editor’s Desk” in which he makes a critically important point for all of us to consider … and then embrace.

The front part of the video gets into the politics of the swamp, etc.

Since I am a victim of the New catholic Red Guard campaign of online cancel terror, the part I am really interested starts at about 19:10:

“And by the way… we gotta get ready for war here. Let’s stop demanding perfection from potential allies, now, who are really rushing toward our side of the battlefield. They’re just waking up. They said crazy things not that long ago…. Let’s anticipate these people, shall we?”

Keep watching.  He has some good examples.

Libs are able to put aside small differences to work together. They want to tear down and they want all the help they can get. Conservatives, however, tend to defend their little wrinkle of turf and fight against others soooo close to them, but with a slightly different view of the battlefield. In the words of my old pastor, “They couldn’t organize a bird cage.”

Not the Left. Oh no. Look at how well networked and organized they are.

Michael Matt’s message is dead on target.

Let’s not make the perfect into the enemy of the good. We have to work together.

The Left might be woke, but we have to welcome to our lines those who are waking up.

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  1. richdel says:

    The left is better at joining together because their common focus is on targeting a common enemy, whereas the right soon starts infighting due to individualized focus on their own causes/principles.

  2. Elizium23 says:

    “Katniss, when you’re in the arena, remember who the real enemy is!”
    –Haymitch Abernathy, in Catching Fire

  3. mo7 says:

    Mr. Matt has been talking about uniting clans for some time now. Blessed are the peacemakers.

  4. Traductora says:

    Good words from Michael Matt…I frequent a conservative on-line forum and I am always amazed by how many people will trash somebody (for example, an elected representative) who is doing or saying something positive and helpful to the conservative cause just because that person once said or wrote something “anti-Trump” or opposed some pet cause of the poster.

    People have got to exercise some common sense and realize that we can’t afford to drive away potential friends or, worse still, reject people who have changed their minds and now want to join us. That one particularly irritates me…it’s like saying there is no repentance and no forgiveness possible once the poster has decided that somebody is not perfect or pure enough. So then the posters start throwing out their own personal anathemas and do so with such famous vehemence that it ends by discouraging wavering souls from even attempting to come to the conservative side. This is true in both politics and religion.

  5. ChesterFrank says:

    The Left’s goal is to win elections so that they can take legislative action. Environmentalists+Feminist+LBGTQ, Teachers Unions+ Civil Services Union= 1 voting block to advance 5 legislative actions, though not all five actions are equal in priority. I think you can add “the red guard” to that group. That voting block is lobbying for that vote.

  6. New Sister says:

    The left is better organized because of the $$$$ — outrageous financial backing

  7. jhogan says:

    I agree we need to band together—we all have “feet of clay.
    While you have to have a care, there is the old saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend/ally”.

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    Spirited debate and dissent among conservatives is a good thing. Resisting the (temporary and illegitimate) Installed Regime and the Kremlin on the Potomac is not for the fainthearted. There will be sharp words at times in the heat of the moment.

    True, it is easier for the Left to destroy than for solid citizens to reclaim our country- the heritage that many citizens of all backgrounds sacrificed and fought for- and rebuild.

    And it’s not all tea and crumpets among the Left. A glaring historical example: Hitler (national socialism) and Stalin (international socialism) cooperated in 1939 to carve up Poland, but that also resulted in WW II. Two years later these two socialist regimes were in a Battle Royale on the steppes of Russia. Today in Portland, the fascist (fascism is Leftism) “Antifa” regularly battles the Leftist nitwits ruling Portland.

    There are good points in this post and comments. Cooperation, coalition building, and keeping in mind potential or temporary allies are positive developments, so is giving a little leeway to our brethren and sisteren when they’re having a bad day or letting off some steam. But, the “Unity” of the Borg-assimilating (or maybe that’s the Baal-assimilating) Left is best avoided.

    When Reagan ran for President quite a few Republicans opposed him, then they got on board, some sooner, some later. During WW II Eisenhower almost fired Patton twice. So, acknowledging were imperfect humans, the ashes on our foreheads today remind us of that, and we will make some mistakes along the way to reclaiming this great country of ours, let’s wade into these Commie b*stards. God willing, we’ll emerge stronger than ever.

  9. Tito Edwards says:

    The Remnant has done a good job of keeping their website spiffy.

    Compared to The Wanderer, The Remnant is ‘Google’ & The Wanderer is ‘Ask Jeeves’. The Wanderer had the intern’s roommate create their website in less than half an hour using geocities.

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  11. chuckharold says:

    Let us take back our country! The cry is hollow if we don’t define “our” country. What do we want to take back? [You go first… define “we”.] Was the country not founded on the idea that “all men are created equal?” Then, why do some [WHO?] want to treat some people differently, because of the color of their skin? E Pluribus Unum. Why do some want to limit immigration from the south, but not from Northern Europe? [Because a country without a border is not a country at all.] Why do some want to squash the voting rights of other people, the most sacred right of a free people? [You mean like Democrats committing voter fraud so that the votes of non-Democrats count for nothing.] Do we want to take America back to the days of segregation, soup lines, divided education systems, you name it? I find it hard to support what isn’t defined. [Me too. And that insinuation at the end about segregation is B as in B, S as in S.]

  12. dallenl says:

    I would note that one of the more successful alliances is between fundamentalist Protestants and Israel. The key seems to be recognition of common purpose and a realization of who the foe is. The principle can also be carried over to other areas where real issues are often obscured by extraneous noise. An example being Ukraine which has an unsatisfactory government but the people are for the most part quite independent minded and after the bad experience of past Russian domination want little to do with a closer relationship to them.

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