Rome Shot 87

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    This is the tomb of Clement XIV, a Franciscan pope, educated by Jesuits, who in his papacy would issue the suppression of the Society of Jesus. His papacy, which ended just before American Independence was full of intrigue, politics and conniving by various parties. Fascinating history to read. His papacy was not an easy ride. The Society of Jesus and what to do with it was his greatest thorn. The Jesuits had been expelled from several countries by the governments of those states for various reasons and crowned heads put pressure on Clement to abolish the order completely. For the sake of higher goals – peace in Europe between Rome and the various European monarchs he did eventually suppress the order. And he is best known and remembered for this papal action.
    Pope Clement XIV is entombed in the Church of the Holy Apostles (Santi Apostoli) near Piazza Venezia but just around the corner from the famous Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University and the Jesuit run Pontifical Bible Institute (Biblicum). Even in death he can’t escape them.

  2. Also Dodici Apostoli is today’s Roman Station.

    “Even in death he can’t escape them.”

    Nor can we who live.

    Did you know that when Papa Ganganelli was dying, St. Alphonsus Liguori bilocated to visit him at his death bed?

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