ACTION ITEM! Support a worthy apostolate: TREASURES OF THE CHURCH

Not too long ago, I posted about a miraculous healing that occurred in New York, Long Island area.  The occasion was a presentation about holy relics by Fr. Carlos Martins, who has an apostolate called Treasures Of The Church.

It is a fantastic apostolate and I know Fr. Martins, whom I consider a good friend.

You might remember that, a few years ago, the body of St. Maria Goretti was brought to these USA and she was taken to many parishes around the country.  Fr. Martins organized that tour.


If you want to do something amazing for your people, a great moment of evangelization, contact Treasures Of The Church.  Ask if Fr. Martins could come with his amazing presentation about relics.  He has told me about spectacular conversions and physical healings that have come about from contact with the astonishing collection of holy relics he brings and displays.

Dear readers, drop in at the site – Treasures Of The Church.  There is a donation button.  The apostolate depends on donations.  People are looking for good causes these days.  Along with those I have always presented – the TMSM of which I am president, the Military Archdiocese, Our Lady of Hope Clinic – you can hardly imagine a better cause than Treasures Of The Church.   Send him a donation and tell him I sent you.

BTW… the schedule on the website shows that Fr. Martins will be working in Wisconsin and Minnesota during the rest of April and into May.

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  1. Asperges_me says:

    He came to our Diocese in Texas before COVID! He told us we might have an experience with a particular Saint during the exposition. When my wife picked up the relic to St. Martha, she fainted, without warning. I quickly caught her and took her to a chair (she was 4 or 5 months pregnant at the time with our daughter). After about a minute she was fine, and had no other irregular events for the remainer of the evening. It was completwly bizarre! Before this we could never decide on a middle name for our daughter, but after that event decided on the name Martha.
    This is a beautiful apostolate, and definately worth supporting.

  2. Liz says:

    Asperges_me, that’s so cool!

    I love the Treasures of the Church and have been twice to see them. Plus, we went to go see the relics of St. Maria Goretti. All of it was such a blessing to our family!

    I remember Fr. Martins telling of a man who offered to help put the relics away and his hands tremored badly. Father hesitated but then he did allow him to help. I think it was the next morning when the man woke up and his tremors were gone!

    p.s. I pray for Fr. Martins, and I had a mass said for him. It should be coming up soon perhaps this week.

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  5. Liz says:

    p.s. The mass that we were able to have said for Fr. Martins is this Friday, April 30, the feast of St. Cather of Siena Virgin. We will be saying extra prayers for Father that day and try to attend the mass if possible. God bless our priests!

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