Daily Rome Shot 218

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  1. bigtex says:

    Check out the head gear on Pope Pius VII…. bigtex approves.

  2. jaykay says:

    This is the same sculpture as shown in Rome shot 217, and the inscription refers to Pope Pius VII at Ostia Antica. A search using these terms brought up this link, explaining the background:


    Scrolling about halfway down brings you to a description of this picture.

  3. jaykay says:

    Gratias tibi ago, Pater.

    For anyone visiting Rome (whenever one can again) a trip to Ostia Antica should definitely be on your agenda. You can make it a day trip, it’s on the suburban railway. A morning in the “scavi”, which are really well worth visiting to get a sense of Roman urban living at the height of the Empire (more so than in the City itself, I think):


    and then an afternoon’s relaxation at the seaside Lido. And great food. Well, it’s Italy!

    Such great memories of times in Rome in the 80s. Eheu, fugaces…

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