PARIS: Traditionis custodes … good news and bad news

The Archbishop of Paris, Most Rev. Michel Aupetit, issued a letter to priests of that venerable see about Traditionis custodes.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that the TLM will continue at Ste Odile (17e), Ste Jeanne de Chantal (16e), St Eugène-Ste Cécile (9e), St Roch (1er), and ND du Lys (15e).

However, Aupetit suppressed TLMs at Notre-Dame-du-Travail (14e – South Paris).  What a lovely birthday gift for Our Lady.

Also suppressed, Saint-Georges-de-la-Villette (19e – East Paris), both in poorer areas. I am told that the miffed reaction was, “No TLM for the poor!”

Notre-Dame-du-Travail is fittingly on the Rue Vercingétorix… taken prisoner in defeat and later strangled in Rome.

One must ask: Cui bono?

Of course Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet is not affected in any way except, perhaps by growing numbers of people.

We’ll always have Paris.

But some Parisiennes won’t have the TLM that is the foundation of their culture.

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  1. FranzJosf says:

    “du-Travail” Oh, the irony. Can the Archbishop have not noticed? Or did he quickly dismiss an uncomfortable fleeting thought?

    I can’t help but think the some bishops did not, at the practical level, welcome TC. “Just what I need, another headache.” Perhaps this is a case where a prelate felt preassured to Do Something to appease Rome, but kept it minimal. Not minimal to the priest and parishioners, but in the larger scheme. “Okay, I’ll throw Rome a bone.”

    Some bishops must be feeling Moral Injury in this. We need to pray for them. Perhaps the ones not feeling Moral Injury need our prayers even more.

  2. FranzJosf says: Moral Injury

    This is an important category of affliction.

    Bishops? They have the power.

    Think of all the priests out there who will be forced against their inclinations, moral rights, commonsense, and the pleas of the faithful to refuse to do something that is entirely legitimate? What, over time, will Traditionis – in the hands of the despotic or the feckless – do to them?

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  4. Chad the Great says:

    “Poor” areas are synonymous with “Muslim” in Paris. I’m guessing he wanted to look like he was doing something, so he closed the two that were probably sparsely-attended.

    I could be wrong, though. It’s been a while.

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  6. Not says:

    My Son and I visited Paris 17 years ago. The churches that prayed the TLM were packed. Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur had some tourist. Most interesting was when we took a wrong turn while walking and ended up in the red light district. While turning to make a quick exit we came upon a storefront chapel with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. We went into to pray. It was filled to capacity. God help Paris.

  7. Public Savant says:

    “Paris vaut une messe.”

  8. The Astronomer says:

    Every time I traveled to Paris, or more properly Rueil-Malmaison for business, my church of choice for the Sunday obligation was always Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet.

  9. Are not the great Gothic Cathedrals of France, especially Notre Dame and Chartres, so beloved by these same bishops? Even the liberals of France respect these monolithic testaments of beauty; think Victor Hugo and even today, the massive movement from all sides to restore Notre Dame to its original glory. Is it really that easy to forget that the culture which built these cathedrals was nourished and inebriated by the Latin Mass, at its height in the Middle Ages?

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