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Springtime! US diocese to eliminate 70% of its parishes

Speaking of the Diocese of Black Duck, I saw this in the fever swamp… My home diocese announced a plan to restructure the diocese and eventually eliminate 70% of the parishes. It’s a necessary move based on changing demographics and … Read More

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I just had a momentary waking dream….

I just had a flash of an American bishop calling a simultaneous meeting of all the clergy of the diocese together with a press conference… Thank you for coming.   I’m Jude Noble, Bishop of the Diocese of Black Duck. I’ve … Read More

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OLDIE POST: “Bob, you’ve been traded to Archdiocese of Red Bird.”

NOTA BENE: I originally posted this back in 2012. I ran across this by chance looking for something else. It struck me as opportune, given what is going on in some places… the lot of some tradition-leaning priests.   It’s a … Read More

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UPDATE: Wherein the Bishop of Black Duck gives pastoral care to a pro-abortion ‘c’atholic politician

UPDATE: 27 May 2021 I’ve lately read that some 60 bishops are pressuring that the issue of Communion for pro-abortion politicians NOT be even be discussed at the USCCB meeting.   I don’t get it.   The Lord says that if there … Read More

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Fr. Hunwicke asks a hard question. Fr. Z thinks he deserves an answer.

I’ve had conversations that go along sort of like this: “The Novus Ordo can be reverent!”, many will claim, “You just have to celebrated it as traditionally as you can!” “You mean, by sticking to the Roman style, adapting elements … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Easter Sunday Clerical Supper

I was pleased to have had a guest priest come to town to help with our Sacred Triduum in the Extraordinary Form. His presence allowed us to have a Solemn Triduum. It also allowed me to brush off my cooking utensils. … Read More

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SSPX Bp. de Galaretta: Pope Francis will unilaterally recognize the SSPX

If you read Italian, there is a fascinating piece at La Stampa by Marco Tosatti (who is not one of the traitorous Italian Vaticanisti) about SSPX Bp. Alfonso de Galarreta’s view of Pope Francis’ view of the SSPX. First, note … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Confession on a train when going through another diocese

From a reader… A priest from Diocese X and a lay person travel by train to some place.  During the trip the latter feels the need to confess sacramentally. The train at that moment is in Diocese Y, where the priest has no … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Mass on TV and Sunday Obligation… again

From a reader… QUAERITUR: if I go to nursing [home] to visit someone and I go for mass and watch it on a tv and fr is in the chapel does that count for filling my sunday obligation We are … Read More

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QUAERITUR: An Eastern Subdeacon for a Roman Solemn Mass? A Clerical Bedtime Story.

From a reader: I have a friend who is a Eastern Catholic subdeacon, officially installed in his own rite. [installed?] Would it be possible for him to serve a subdeacon during a Latin Extraordinary Form Solemn high Mass? And if … Read More

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Readers: PARISH MERGER consultation!

In the past – quite a long time ago now, actually – I wrote some short stories about a fictional place with the parishes, in this deanery at least, of St. Ipsidipsy (in Tall Tree Circle), St. Fidelia (in Benedictburg), … Read More

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