12 October: Our Lady of the Pillar

On this Feast of Our Lady of Pillar, please ask the Queen of Heaven to intercede with her Son for a special intervention in the Church regarding her ordained pastors, from the lowliest to the loftiest.

The apparition of Mary to St James who was in Spain in AD 40 is considered the first apparition of our Blessed Mother and an instance of bilocation, for she would probably have been still living in the Holy Land.

Our Lady of the Pillar on a monument to Christopher Columbus in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

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  1. Gaby Carmel says:

    We lived in Zaragoza for 5 years in the late ’80’s. The 12th of October is the national day of Spain, so a national holiday anyway. In Zaragoza, the population quadruples with visitors for the celebration of Our Lady of the Pillar. Right on the outside of the basilica, there is an enormous carving of Our Lady on her pillar, and for the occasion, a huge surface all around it is covered in chicken wire. And people come in wide procession in their tens of thousands, dressed in their traditional clothes (fantastic and SO elegant!), each bringing flowers to Our Lady, and the flowers are fixed in each hole of the chicken wire. It takes hours and hours for the whole procession to pass, and by the end, the entire wall is a sea of flowers surrounding the effigy of Our Lady. During that time, local folk music is sung live… A wonderful occasion, not to be missed. Quite unforgettable.

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