FIUV’s magazine: Gregorius Magnus 12, Winter 2021

The newest edition of Una Voce’s biannual magazine is available HERE.

In this edition:

Reactions to Traditionis Custodes

From members’ magazines: Peter Kwasniewski on proclaiming the Gospel to the north; Pope Francis and Dante; Remembering Mgr Richard Soseman; Cardinal Merry del Val.

Features: J.R.R.Tolkien by Robert Lazu Kmita; Traditional walking pilgrimage in Spain.

50th Anniversary of the English Indult; Petitions from 1966 to 1997.

I am glad they have remembered my good friend Msgr Richard Soseman.

Also, I am sure we are all interested in Dante even if we are not terribly interested in what Francis (rather, Francis’ ghost writer) think’s about Dante.

There is a very interesting article about the post-Novus Ordo (seemingly unnecessary) “indults” for the Vetus Ordo.

ALSO…. be sure to taken in Joseph Shaw’s (Chairman of the LMS) piece at One Peter Five which is a buttal to Massimo’s “Beans” Faggioli utterly vicious suggestion that people who desire traditional sacred worship are racists.  Peter goes into the provenance of the Vetus Ordo in a dense, informative essay.  HERE

What Beans told a writer for a newspaper in Illinois in a dreadfully slimey piece:

While many attending Latin Masses grew up Catholic, others are converts to Catholicism, mainly from conservative Protestant denominations, professor Faggioli said.

“It’s as if they are saying, ‘If I’m going to be Catholic, let’s go all of the way,'” he said. “They have a view of the Catholic church that tends to be closer to the 1950s version of Catholicism. They have a problem dealing with modernity. What took place after the 1960s and ’70s in this country were massive changes: contraception, abortion, LGBT issues. Latin is a statement of what they think of the Catholic Church now,” he said.

It’s not an accident that all of these Catholics at the old Mass are white, because one of the things that happened after Vatican II was an ‘inculturation’ of the liturgy,” Faggioli noted, referring to music and art from various ethnic and racial groups that have been incorporated into church services to better reach the communities they serve.

The Latin Mass is white and European by its definition, because it’s a product of the Catholic Church of the 16th century. So, this is creating serious problems because it is never limited to the liturgy only, but it is always the first step to saying Vatican II was a disaster,” he said.

Although Sacred Heart is in the middle of a predominantly African American neighborhood, on a recent Sunday, no Black faces were seen in the sanctuary.

What a fraud.


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  1. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    This is sickening. I was at the Assumption Warwick Street (London England) for the midday Mass last Saturday, there were about 40 people there, and I happened to notice, as even for London it was high, there were 9 black people, several of whom I know well, all under 40 years old. That’s 23% for statistics lovers.

    I thought at the time it was a rather odd thing to do, to count, but clearly prompted by the angels so I could refute the filthy-minded Faggioli on this page!

    Do some of you remember the skit of the Heinz advert some 50 years ago – BEANZ MEANZ FARTZ. I think that is a philosophical statement.

  2. JT says:

    “Although Sacred Heart is in the middle of a predominantly African American neighborhood, on a recent Sunday, no Black faces were seen in the sanctuary.”

    Wasn’t the pastoral council supposed to remedy this?

  3. Mario Bird says:

    Massimo Faggioli…Dante……..Beans…Dante…Fraud…Dante…


    Per l’argine sinistro volta dienno;
    ma prima avea ciascun la lingua stretta
    coi denti verso lor duca per cenno;
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta.

    Or, for Clerihewers:

    Massimo Faggioli
    Claims the Latin Mass is racist ravioli;
    Search thou long the blogosphere,
    Ne’er wilt thou hear beans so loud and clear.

    [I am reminded of the usual circle of people with whom Beans runs in the Twittosphere… they could have nicknames… Malacoda, Calcabrina, Draghignazzo, Rubicante, Ciriatto…]

  4. Hb says:

    As a priest who offers the TLM often I can say that not ALL folks who attend are white. I see on a regular basis
    Indians, Koreans, Chinese, American Indians, Blacks, Africans, Whites etc etc

    The TLM draws in everyone with a Catholic heart and those who are attracted by it’s beauty and mystery.

    So to Faggioli I say good assertion is utter poppycock.

    Btw they all have big families too.

  5. Geoffrey says:

    What utter nonsense and intellectual dishonesty!

    In my neck of the woods (California), the traditional Mass is attended by many Hispanic families. So much so that at one time, a former chaplain would give a summary of his homily in Spanish and Confessions before Mass were advertised as being heard in both English and Spanish.

  6. Not says:

    Where My Wife and I have attended the Latin Mass for decades, it is a thriving Religious community. We lay people are represented my many different races and nationalities. A school grades 1-12 with 120 students.
    I have to bring up two Supreme Court Justices who daily attended the Latin Mass. Justice Antoine Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas.

  7. Dave P. says:

    I wonder if Beans has come across Bishop Perry in Chicago or Msgr. Morris in St. Louis, not to mention the work in Gabon by the Institute of Christ King Sovereign Priest, and the vocations attained therefrom.

    [Shhhh. Inconvenient.]

  8. Uxixu says:

    Maximum Beans’ dog whistle is what some would call confirmation bias and anecdotal at that. St. Vitus, the FSSP parish in Los Angeles, is heavily, if not predominately attended by Hispanics as are the Phoenix and Fresno parishes and a not insignificant portion of the Sacramento apostolate…

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    I just had this related conversation with my husband the other day. I noted in one of the readings it was said “What God has joined together, let no man separate.” My point was, why do the people in the church believe that Catholics are so dumb we can’t comprehend elevated language, “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder”, which was how this was always read when I was growing up. We didn’t go to Hahhvahd, but we got it. These people actually think there is 1. no reason for elevated language in the church and, 2. Most Catholics are too stupid to understand “asunder”, and certainly some groups are.
    It’s the same idea many times over. Liberals are such one-trick ponies. All those people of color understand is ethnic talk, right Beans, like Ebonics? They couldn’t possibly find Latin accessible, they aren’t sophisticated enough for that. If you dig just a bit, what sounds like caring is just ignorance and it’s own bigotry. I’m convinced most white people who yammer about racial things know almost no people of color and they brag about the 3 they do cross paths with now and then, like a badge of honor. They’ve got a point to prove or a virtue to signal.
    I’m a TLM attendee and I state openly I think VII was a disaster, so there. The last decade or so makes the case better than anyone ever could. Are we actually supposed to pretend that is not the case or we think that is not the case? Ugh. Why. Why the pretense. All this nonsense over VII is such nonsense, it’s a smokescreen, a way to attack the TLM and adherents and make it about something. It’s about nothing but attacking the TLM and TLM adherents, and maybe even God and the faith. This is all made up fantasy on their part. They had a solution in need of a problem and they filled in the problem, one of their own making.
    Life is dire. Why mince words. It’s time to speak frankly.
    Honestly I could care less what this jackass thinks.

  10. Bthompson says:

    The most diverse congregation I have ever noticed was at a FSSP parish at an ordinary Monday Mass: quite a variety of ethnicities, native languages (well, 3, but they were all able to worship together in perfect coherence), ages, skin colors.

    It was a decently attended Mass, albeit low in absolute numbers (under 100, but that’s on the scale of some Sunday Masses), but it also is just a regular weekday, and it is like that most every time I’ve attended Mass there. That mix is organic, not manufactured by various and sundry “pastoral inclusion” efforts or pandering. I’d bet (and based on how they chat in the parking lot after Mass) they all see their primary identity as Catholic and each other as friends, not whatever identity the world tells them to care about.

  11. JGavin says:

    On occasion, I attend St Mary’s in Norwalk. At the Traditional Mass I see everyone.
    It is similar to James Joyce’s description of the Catholic Church” Here comes everybody”. You see at that service white, black, South Asian, Filipino and Latino.
    Everybody around here at least. If I want ” lily white” I will go to an aging hippie guitar Mass. It is the same with St Cyril and Methodius as well as St Emory’s at 12:30. I see everybody. Also they are young.
    Some observations are in order with regards to Bishop Caggiano. I think his recent letter was insuring that those priests and faithful who adhere to the Traditional rite enjoy some protection. This was not an outright dismissing and outlawing of the rite. These libs want collegiality? Allow our ordinary to train his priests as he sees fit. I think a fair number of the younger priests here have been so formed to revere Sacred Tradition. Hats off to Father Cipolla.

  12. All of this confirms two things that we all know.

    First, the people making negative judgments (at every level) about the TLM have no idea what they are talking about because they don’t bother to get involved it. They don’t know it, they don’t go to see what’s going on. They are judging something they don’t know.

    Second, the negative judgments are often about the people. They don’t like the people who like the TLM. Their judgments are about people, whom they don’t know.

  13. pscruz says:

    Is it a crime against humanity if everyone at a particular Mass is of European descent?
    I moved to Minneapolis decades ago from Chicago to keep my job. So did others, including some black employees. Our company newspaper ran a story about one black family lamenting how far they had to drive to attend a (non-Catholic) cheuch where they could find worship appealing to blacks. I suspect all of that congregation was black.
    Should I be offended? What if all the congragation is Asian, Hispanic, etc…?
    I think to make a moral judgment of a congregation taking their skin color into account is racist.
    All lives matter to God.

  14. KateD says:

    I wasn’t going to comment…but I can’t not!

    Ya got me! It’s true! I am a racist! I love the HUMAN RACE! I think it’s superior to the Martians or any other race…In all it’s delightfully different cultures and languages and ethnicities. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! God is a masterful Artist and has created each human being PERFECTLY! Could He do otherwise?

    At every Latin Mass community I’ve visited or been a part of, the whole human family is represented. I know one trad family where dad is white, mom is Asian, two daughters are half asian half white, one daughter is black and another is Latina, Mexican perhaps? I’m not sure. But they are beautiful. Another family, dad is Mexican and mom is American and the kids have married whom they love…There’s a priest who prayed my daughters graduation Mass (Latin) who is black, from Watts, I think.

    Perhaps Faggioli was refering to his own cultural issues? Projecting?

    I do see only white at most NO Masses, but never at a Latin Mass. It’s a silly silly statement.

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  16. Adelle Cecilia says:

    Something I have noticed is that the Hispanics who don’t want to be pigeon-holed into “Spanish Mass” and “Hispanic Culture” have begun attending the Latin Mass at our parish, moreso than attending the earlier Novus Ordo Mass.
    When they are allowed to realize there’s more available than what they are allowed to see and to do, they want the Latin Mass. They want the Traditional fullness of Faith.
    There are a decent number of Hispanics at our Latin Mass. There are Indians. There are Philippinos and Asians. There are Africans, and even American “Blacks.”

    The Latin Mass is for everyone.
    There’s nothing quite as racist as pigeonholing minority people into accepting a “culture” (faith or otherwise) that they don’t actually subscribe to.

  17. Someone should invite Beans to a Sunday High Mass at Holy Innocents in Manhattan. All peoples meet there. All of us worshiping together in the Mass of Ages. Hundreds of us, all looking and sounding as God made us, all there together from places near and far.

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