If it is the case that the homosexualist agenda is harming the Catholic Church then…

You definitely should take in the piece at The Catholic Thing by David Carlin.  It ends…

I submit that a papal letter on homosexuality is long overdue.  The theory and practice of homosexuality, not to mention the great tidal wave of pro-homosexuality propaganda that is flooding the world – these things, it seems to me, are almost as grave a threat to the Church today as Communism and Nazism were in the 1930s.

I won’t be holding my breath till Pope Francis writes such a letter.  Nor will I hold my breath in hopes that the Catholic bishops in America will write a collective pastoral letter on the topic.

Carlin writes about the laxity about the aggressive homosexualist agenda – yes, he names Jasmine – has harmed the Church.

One is forced to ask:

If it is the case that the homosexualist agenda is harming the Catholic Church, then why don’t bishops do something about it, even at the level of offering pretty much empty words that no one believes they believe?

Yes, you have to accept the premise that the homosexualist agenda is harming the Church.  The alternatives are that it is helping the Church, which is patently not the case for reasons Carlin lays out, or it is neutral, which is also absurd.

Reminder:  Homosexual activity is sin that cries out to Heaven.

I will now await the usual anonymous and deeply craven hate mail.  I can’t tell you the depth of my juxtaposed pity and contempt for the writers.  Pity for their obvious affliction and contempt for their cowardice.

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  3. pjm88 says:

    For example, isn’t sexual abuse of children, adolescents and the young, far worse than “not accepting the Council”? And the Pope has shown he can be severe, when he wants to be.
    (not accepting, in some sense, the Council, might not be a sin at all. It could even be a virtuous act.)

    [Remember, Vatican II was an Ecumenical Council.]

  4. summorumpontificum777 says:

    These are the same issues faced by St. Peter Damian a millennium ago. It’s an enormous challenge, as a not insignificant portion of the clergy and hierarchy, at the very highest levels, tell us that they no quarrel with “sexual diversity.” St. Peter Damian, ora pro nobis.

  5. Chris in Maryland 2 says:

    Fr. Z, all:

    It is worth noting that in 2018, Bishop Morlino of Madison wrote the type of letter that David Carlin suggest Bishops ought to write. I found out about the letter, immediately after it was published in the Catholic Herald of the AD of Madison, WI, through the Catholic World Report, so I give them the credit by using their link, here:


    The CWR article has a link to the Herald, but it no longer goes directly to the letter, so I share the direct link to Bishop M’s letter, below. Bishop Morlino was a good shepherd…


    [The Extraordinary Ordinary. Shall we see his like again?]

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