Is it just me…?

Traditionis custodes (Francis’ Plessy)…

Art. 1. The liturgical books promulgated by Saint Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, in conformity with the decrees of Vatican Council II, are the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.



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  1. mysticalrose says:

    I have to laugh so as not to cry, as they say. It’s just so absurd.

  2. Prayerful says:

    Francis is wholly relaxed about contradicting himself, but there’s little contradiction in his actions, which evidences a fixed hostility to the Mass of Ages. Apparently the retired bishop Huonder of Chur, retired to an SSPX house under Papal authorisiation, claimed the Pope says the SSPX is not in schism, but against that hearsay TC says he think so. I think with Francis it is a matter of the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  3. ajf1984 says:

    “But Father! But Father!” It’s doubleplus ungood to bring up that quote, which was scheduled for the Memory Hole last week. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia…

  4. Chrisc says:

    Insofar as the magisterium did not create the lex orandi, it is outside of its competence to redefine it. It can limit things around it, it can have certain regulations for its existence.

    Think the state’s regulation of marriage. The state doesn’t create marriage, nor does it define it. The state exists in part to promote marriage. The church serves to promote the lex orandi. It cannot redefine it by any papal fiat.

  5. Archlaic says:

    Dear and reverend Father, you cannot possibly comprehend this because you are not a Jesuit! With the proper formation you’d be able to understand that since contradictory propositions cannot both be true at the same time and in the same sense, these two propositions are therefore… not contradictory! Q.E.D.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    It’s the new Church of Everybody! But it’s not new, it’s just…different. Yes, a different church that is new, but not too new, just new enough to change the old, which we reject…because it’s rigid…and it’s newness is so new, because we now listen…we’re a listening new old church. Did I say listen? Because listening is dialoguing, and we dialogue in fresh new ways. It is dangerous to evangelize, because when you evangelize you are not listening…and anyway, the spirit.

    What is going to come out of the Synod on Synods of Synods. I wish there were clerical bookies. Maybe in Las Vegas right now there are men taking bets. I’m betting the priesthood is going to take a direct hit. That may be bad news, but for the laity, good news, I feel I am about to get a promotion! Although, I’m Catholic, and I don’t have the voice he’s looking for, but the atheists in Papua, New Guinea, the muslims in the Middle East and the protestants anywhere, and Communists everywhere, you are about to become important. Keep listening y’all!

  7. amulack says:

    Is it a contradiction, from his point of view? After all, the nature of the New Order of Mass as implemented is that its myriad of options allows precisely for each local community to fabricate its own worship. If no two Masses are the same, as the New Order allows, no uniformity. See? Only then will all be united…in diversity. While I do not agree, I think he is being consistent.

  8. Ariseyedead says:

    If Pontius Pilate had been a liberal the Bible would have him being quoted as saying “What is logic?”

  9. oledocfarmer says:

    It’s not just you.

  10. DavidJ says:

    One of these things is not like the other

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