Daily Rome Shot 332

Photo by The Great Roman™

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    The monks of Nursia writing in their Autumn 2021 newsletter:

    In an 1849 discourse on the Catholic mission, John Henry Cardinal Newman reminded us to “build upon the old foundations…” Although Newman was not a Benedictine, here he articulates a principle dear to the monk’s heart: faithfulness to one’s history is assurance of stability for the future.

    As the walls of the new monastery grow on the very same footprint of the old monastery, albeit with some new anti-earthquake technology, we try wherever possible to give deference to what came before. Are we so sure the friars who inhabited this land centuries ago were wrong about where to put the refectory and kitchen? Let us try it the old way first and see. How can we judge correctly without trying it?

  2. mrjaype says:

    Looks like a view of San Giovanni Battista dei Cavalieri di Rodi out of a window in Trajan’s Market.

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