Daily Rome Shot 382

Photo by The Great Roman™

Today’s Mass Fervorino.
Intention: Deceased Benefactors.

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  2. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thank you for this! The attribution suggests Benvenuto Tisi (1481-1559), ‘Il Garofalo’ (about which Wikipedia tells me, a nickname which “may derive from his habit of signing some works with a picture of a carnation (in Italian, garofano)”). Not a painter I have any sense of – and how prolific! And with how many painting of Madonna and Child or Holy Family with, among others, St. Anne, or Sts. John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Zacharias – none of which are this one! (though they give the sense that this is in the same style…). Nor have I in my quick search found any discussion of ‘attributions’ or ‘school’ or ‘workshop of’… Nor are any of the ones which the various language Wikipedia articles about him say are found in Rome are this one… Nicely mysterious!

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