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I had mentioned the good opportunity for priests to work on Latin in an online course with Joseph Shaw, at Oxford, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society.  HERE He is offering discounts for clergy.

Also, the esteemed Dr. Robert Royal has been offering a course on The Confessions.  It might be a little late to get involved. Check it out.  HERE  I warmly endorse Dr. Royal’s courses.  I followed the tripartite courses on the Divina Commedia.  Although I know it quite well, I gained some great insights.   The for Augustine’s Confessions.  New perspectives are great and these are outstanding for “beginners”.

Another course will be offered by Dr. Edmund Mazza, very bright and traditional, with a great sense of humor.  He is offering an online class on “World History and Church History”.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not going to be entirely irenic, when the topic is aimed at one particular end of the spectrum.   It starts 1 February.  HERE

UPDATE -20 Jan 2022:

I received a note from Romanitas Press that priests can sign up for a 12 session course on how to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass. HERE

How wonderful it would be were a whole bunch of priests from Chicago to sign up!

Also, perhaps you might consider sponsoring a course for a priest whom you know.

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  2. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    FYI—Regarding the Latin classes, to receive the discount the linked page says one must have “established ties to England or Wales”:

    “’The Latin Mass Society,’ as Matthew writes, ‘is generously supporting my targetted initiative by offering 80% bursaries to any Catholic priest, monk, nun, religious sister or permanent deacon or seminarian (or other Catholic religious) who has established ties to England or Wales.’”

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