There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days

There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days, evidenced in Catholic news, what with the harsh diktats about the Vetus Ordo and the wild sacrilege at St. Sabina.

It’s sad.  Such a great city.  So many problems.

Today I received a note that Chicago’s Archbishop was booed and heckled at at pro-life rally.  It’s hard to get your mind around that.  On the other hand, he’s not exactly the poster boy for defense of the unborn, who seem in his school of thought to be lower on the list than government spending for illegal immigrants and other aspects of the DNC platform.  It’s all part of that Chicago/Bernardin seamless garment thing.

Anyway, one fellow wrote today:

I’m a resident of the Archdiocese of Chicago. We currently have a funding drive by the Archdiocese. I thought I would give Archbishop Cupich my $0.02 by sending in a $0.02 check in honor of “Restore the Latin Mass”. A “funding drive” like this might be the way traditionalist can get their voices heard by the powers that be.

It would certainly get their attention, although the idea of “organizing traditionalists” made me smile a little.  Good luck with that.  Until they stop defending their own little wrinkle of turf and, with some humility and commonsense, put aside small differences that’s not going to happen.  I fear that the fallacy of the zero-sum game has many in their grip.  I digress.

Yes, drying up their funding would get their attention.  It would be negative attention, too.   I suspect they would rather see the city’s churches become depopulated smoldering craters than to see happy young people praying reverently in them during a Traditional Latin Mass.

That said, a priest friend of mine had an interesting way of showing his displeasure over being billed for the truly asinine and often downright heretical seminary formation he (we) received.  When he was sent regular bills with a return postage guaranteed paid envelope, he sent back checks so small that it cost more to process them than they gained and he once taped the envelope to a concrete block.   Eventually they stopped sending bills.

Brick by brick, differently.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that anyone should anything like that.  It’s just that this frustrated Chicagoan’s note reminded me of that episode.

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  1. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    Hmmmm. Where I to be billed for my seminary education I would feel bound in conscience to return what I received as defective. I wonder, does BS smell better with age or does the odor dissipate as it dries into bull apples?

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  3. Mojoron says:

    Chicago has been a cesspool from the 60’s when Saul Alinsky and the then Cardinals Meyer and then Cody who even sent money to Alinsky’s organization. Of the leaders in the US Church, Cupich is the absolute worsest (sic).

  4. GregB says:

    I viewed the introductory part of the St. Sabina video. Some things stood out to me when the video starts. Everything that took place at Christmas was billed as a service. St. Sabina was billed as being “The Faith Community of St. Sabina.” This continues when they list New Year’s Eve services. The NYE Weekend listing said that there were no services on January 1, 2022. The Unity service on January 2, 2022 is listed as being the first service of 2022. With January 1rst being the Solemnity of Mary – the Holy Mother of God, and the World Day of Peace, this is a very glaring omission, particularly when there was an onscreen appeal for a peace walk. Mary is the Queen of Peace. Not much Catholicism in evidence in their introductory listings.

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  6. I doubt it really matters to the liberal hierarchy whether the collection plate dries up. We not hear them cry poverty during lockdowns, which could never have happened without their cooperation. So punctiliously do they enforce the directives of our secular owners that it is hard not to conclude that they have secured another and more substantial income stream.

    Out of St. Sabina’s there is a video (I think not the infamous Christmas Eve affair) that shows Fr. Pfleger and his big pectoral Mercedes logo rushing to hug a guy at the altar and knocking over the Pachamama boat full of Hosts, which end up all over the floor. Since he evidently ad libs the canon of the Mass and makes up his own words of consecration, there seems good reason to hope that those were only wafers getting spilled on the ground.

  7. JMody says:

    When it gets right down to the brass tacks, isn’t the whole idea of “attend Mass every Sunday” and “support your local parish” all a bunch of rigidly adhering to a pre-Conciliar notion of “precepts of the (non-V2) Church”? So in the spirit of Tantrum Custodibus, shouldn’t we tell all of them to pound sand? Just COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM? What if there was a collection take of ZERO across the archdiocese? What if EVERY single person filed out after Communion? What if the RCIA folks just didn’t show?

    Ah, but “you have the words of eternal life – where shall we go?” will get thrown back at us. Talk about a sinful presumption …

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  9. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    It’s frustrating to see folks acting out this way. Granted, I’ve thought privately many of the things that were said to H.E. in that video (and ought to head to confession), it does our cause no good to act that way in public; frankly, it is exactly the response they hope to get from us.

    For the time being I’m just grateful we ended up in a neighboring diocese instead of his.

  10. GrumpyYoungMan says: It’s frustrating to see folks acting out this way. Granted, I’ve thought privately many of the things that were said to H.E. in that video (and ought to head to confession), it does our cause no good to act that way in public; frankly, it is exactly the response they hope to get from us.

    I disagree that that is exactly the response that “they” hope to get from us. I think frankly that that is the last thing they are expecting. I think they think everyone shares their high opinion of their own selves.

  11. Chuck4247 says:

    For a moment, after reading the headline of this post, I had forgotten who was writing and was expecting something about the state of the Bears football team…

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    Bishops need the illusion of former days that for many, are no more, that of a shepherd and his flock. Bishops need money. But they don’t need it as much from the pew-sitter, since many have large chunks of money coming in from the federal government due to “Resettlement Funds”. Resettlement is what they call it when the church shuttles in people across the border and gives them all kinds of support to do so, while other people born in other nations do it the stupid way and follow the law by applying for entry. Resettlement funds can add up to millions each year for bishops. Everybody wins, bishops get paid, nuns can finally get off the bus, and nations get millions of largely unvetted permanent visitors.
    Bishops need some people to sit in the pews each week, and to show up for events they are present for, because media might be there. If no people show up, the illusion gets harder to pull off. When bishops get booed at public events, or have to be quickly shuttled off to a vehicle, this is actually something that may get noticed if it goes on. Chances are the bishop will then get even nastier toward the flock, because they are refusing to play the game according to the rules he has become accustomed to. In Cupich’s case, he issues evil diktats, and you are silent about them.

  13. Tantum Ergo says:

    A gentle correction, that’s not a “Mercedes logo” around Fr. Pfleger’s neck… it’s a millstone.

  14. Tantum Ergo says:

    Fr. Z is right, we should reflect before we post. My post concerning Fr. Pfleger would be tantamount to my considering him worthy of damnation, which is not my right. Even with such as these, only God has the last word.
    Mea culpa.

  15. summorumpontificum777 says:

    I have mixed feeling about the crowd’s treatment of Soupy. On the one hand, if I had been there, I too would have been tempted to boo him, as it must have been galling to just stand there while this deplorable prelate was pretending that he’s been a friend and ally of the pro-life cause. On the other hand, Soupy has already established himself as an egotistical bully, so booing and heckling him will very likely result in retaliation in the form of him doubling down on making life hell for conservatives/trads/pro-lifers (increasingly the same group) in his archdiocese.

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  17. JoHNewman says:

    Countdown: time until St. Sabina’s becomes Pfleger’s Community of Spiritual Diversity and Pfeel-goodedness… 3 (years), 2 (years), 1 (year).

    The SSPX (Society of Schismatic Pfleger the Ex-priest) will undoubtedly elect their beloved leader as bishop, and will claim their right to do so is a legitimate manifestation of the synodness of the synod on synodality.

    Apologies to the SSPX for appropriating their initialism.

  18. Gabriel Syme says:

    This kind of thing highlights how dysfunctional and rudderless the modern Church is, largely stemming from the fact it has had no functioning authority (beyond the harsh bullying of sincere Catholics) for many years (decades?) now.

    It is obviously undesirable, but then perhaps it is best that the poison – which always stems from heterodox, corrupt, often homosexual, careerist prelates – comes out, so that the Church can heal.

    I certainly hope no-one throws eggs or rotten fruit at Cardinal Cupich in future: that would be outrageous, no matter how well deserved.

  19. Fr. Timothy Ferguson says:

    I dream of hitting the lottery jackpot and then making my voice heard by providing funding for seminaries and seminarians. Some of my fantasy pet projects:

    The Msgr. Richard J. Schuler Endowed Chair in Liturgical Music at the St. Paul Seminary (with Frs. John Zuhlsdorf, Robert Altier, James Livingston, and myself as the board who determines who gets hired to fill the chair).

    The Fr. John Zuhlsdorf wing of the St. Paul Seminary Library, to be filled exclusively with texts in classical languages.

    The Fr. George Welzbacher Institute for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, professors to be hand-selected by the eponymous gentleman himself (may he live forever!)

    The Fr. Francis Phillips, C. R., Endowed Chair in Liturgical Excellence at Mundelein Seminary (to be filled only by qualified priests of the Canons of St. John Cantius)

    The Clement XIV Chair of Ecclesiology at the University of San Francisco – or perhaps the Gregorian (holder to be determined by Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ and a discerning group of Dominicans)

    The Fr. John Hardon SJ Catechetical Institute, professors to be selected by Cardinal Raymon Burke.

  20. Semper Gumby says:

    The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops founded in 1969 the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The CCHD has connections that include former Archbishop of Chicago Joseph Bernardin (1982-1996), Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama and the now defunct ACORN.

    The CCHD has an annual Cardinal Bernardin New Leadership Award.

    Archdiocese of Chicago CCHD grants to support “grassroots social justice”:

  21. JGavin says:

    Give the cash to the FSSP or ICKSP. This would be appropriate particularly for Peter’s Pence. Consider SSPX as well.

  22. Semper Gumby says:

    In 1940 Saul Alinsky (author of Rules for Radicals, a book Alinsky dedicated to “Lucifer”) founded in Chicago the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Bernard James Sheil, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, was a founding Board Member.

    Also located in Chicago was the Abraham Lincoln School of the Communist Party USA. From “Testimony of Walter S. Steele Regarding Communist Activities In The United States, Hearings Before The Committee On Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, July 21, 1947:

    “The Abraham Lincoln School in Chicago is located at 180 West Washington Street. Faculty members are…Frank Marshall Davis… . A South Side Annex to the school has recently been added. It is located at 4448 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Other annexes are at 1225 South Independence and 2409 North Halsted.”

    The Daily Worker, Tuesday, May 20, 1924:

    “Party Activities Of Local Chicago”

    “Finnish Branch, 2409 N. Halsted, Imperial Hall.”
    “On Wednesday, May 21st, Comrade Ernest Ettlinger will speak before the North Side English Branch of the Young Workers League at Imperial Hall, 2409 N. Halsted Street on the subject “The Need for a Labor Party.””

    See VENONA decrypts and Vassiliev Notebooks: “Abraham Lincoln School” and “Alice Barrows.” Alice Barrows was employed by the Office of Education, predecessor to the Department of Education. In the VENONA decrypts Alice Barrow’s contact “KROT” is unidentified, in the Vassiliev Notebooks KROT is identified as Congressional staffer- including duties on Sen. Harvey M. Kilgore’s Subcommittee on War Mobilization- Charles Barrows.

  23. krc2019 says:

    As I have said in other venues, I live in the Archdiocese of Chicago. I do not give a single penny to any diocesan institution, including any parish. There is a trickle down effect and some of that money will end up with the diocese. This will continue until Blase Cupich is gone, and his successor proves to be a priest, not a politician. in the meantime I donate to true Catholic charities, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    Concerning the March for Life…read the transcript where Cupich said from birth to natural death. Sorry, it’s from conception. Cupich deserved the chat of “Shame!”

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    Blase Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, is Chancellor of Catholic Extension (founded in 1905 by Fr. Francis Kelley), the President is Rev. John J. Wall.

    Catholic Extension has an annual Spirit of Francis Award.

    “According to the Catholic Exchange website, the award was established in 2014 to honor individuals and groups that have significantly aided the Catholic Church in the United States, “in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis and the founder of Catholic Extension, Fr. Francis Clement Kelley.””


    2021 November – Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

    “Seventh Annual New York Spirit of Francis Award Dinner” Metropolitan Club NYC “Heroes of Hope $50,000 – Instruments of Change $25,000”

    2020 February – Antonio “T.J.” Martinez SJ (posthumously)

    “Fourth Annual Award Dinner” River Oaks Country Club Houston “Gold Table $50,000 – Silver Table $25,000”

    2019 February – In Houston, Curtis Guillory SVD Bishop of Beaumont TX

    2018 March – In Boston, William Leahy SJ President of Boston College

    2017 October – At the Metropolitan Club NYC, Joseph Parkes SJ President of Cristo Rey High School, New York

    2017 January- In Houston, First Lady Cecelia Abbott of TX

    2016 “Third AnnualTheodore McCarrick

    2015 October – At the Metropolitan Club NYC, John Jenkins CSC, President of Notre Dame

  25. Semper Gumby says:

    In 1987 Rev. John J. Wall, Pastor of Old St. Patrick’s in Chicago prior to his appointment as President of Catholic Extension in 2007, was tasked by Joseph Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago, with the additional duty of “minister to Chicago media.”

    From the Old St. Patrick’s website, Staff:

    In Residence: Fr. John J. Wall

    He is now pastor emeritus of Old St. Patrick’s Church and president of the Catholic Extension Society. Father Wall continues to preside at Old St. Patrick’s Church.

    Church Address
    700 West Adams Street
    Chicago, IL 60661

    Office Address
    Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
    711 West Monroe Street
    Chicago, IL 60661

    The Crossroads, Old St. Patrick’s Bulletin, Sunday, January 9, 2022:

    “In June 2021 Cardinal Blase Cupich announced that Fr. McGrath [Patrick McGrath SJ, President of Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois] will become the next pastor of Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago starting Summer 2022.”

    GuideStar entry:

    Crossroads Center for Faith and Work

    711 West Monroe Street
    Chicago, IL 60661

    Software at Old St. Patrick’s includes Church Community Builder (“It Takes A Village”; “Part Organizer Part Activator”):

    “Notre Dame Club of Chicago – Strengths for the Journey 2017”

    “Strengths for the Journey is a program consisting of four 90 minute sessions…”

    “Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder 1.0 AssessmentTM and the book Living Your Strengths: the Catholic Edition (Gallup Press), participants identify their themes of talent, and reflect on how they can better use them to enhance every part of their life.”

    “Materials including the book ($20) will be distributed at the first session. Please do NOT pay online. Participants may pay at the first session. Space is limited.”

    Old St. Patrick’s Church
    Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
    711 West Monroe
    Chicago, IL”

    See Don Clifton and “First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently”

  26. Semper Gumby says:

    “Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Members of the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Holy See” January 10, 2022

    “Christmas”: 1 (“the liturgical season of Christmas, a privileged period for cultivating family relationships”)
    “Jesus Christ”: 0
    “Christian confessions”: 2
    “God”: 2
    “We”: 33
    “I”: 33
    “My”: 13
    “Collective awareness”: 1
    “Comprehensive commitment”: 1
    “Comprehensive system”: 1
    “Differing visions” (as negative): 1
    “Pandemic”: 9
    “Vaccines”: 3
    “Social”: 13
    “Climate change”: 2
    “New” [redesigned or created]: 3

    “The pandemic prevented many young people from attending school, to the detriment of their personal and social development.” [No mention of church closings.]

    “None may consider themselves exempt from this effort [against “climate change”].”

    “moral obligation [Covid vaccine]”

    “lack of resolute decision-making”

    “A political commitment is thus needed to pursue the good of the general population…”

    “reality therapy [the pandemic]”

    11 citations, 10 self-referential

    The Holy Gospel of John 3:30-31:

    He must increase, but I must decrease. He that cometh from above, is above all. He that is of the earth, of the earth he is, and of the earth he speaketh. He that cometh from heaven, is above all.

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