Your Sunday Sermon Notes: Holy Family Sunday (Novus Ordo: Baptism of the Lord)

Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff.

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Masses for the Sunday after REAL Epiphany, Holy Family, or for the Novus Ordo’s Baptism of the Lord.

Tell about attendance especially for the Traditional Latin Mass.  I hear that it is growing.  Of COURSE.

Any local changes or news?

Those of you who regularly viewed my live-streamed daily Masses – with their fervorini – for over a year, you might drop me a line.

I have some written remarks about the TLM Mass for Christmas – HERE


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  3. Rich Leonardi says:

    We went to this morning’s sung TLM at our Lady of the most holy rosary in Indianapolis, as we were there for a Pacers game last night. What a wonderful parish! We got there 10 minutes early and it was already nearly full. By the time Mass started at 8:30, it was packed. These are certainly “glad trads,” with lots of happy people and smiling faces. Over half the congregation was under 40 (teeming with kids, ‘natch), and there were something like 14 altar boys. The mix of people was far more diverse than a typical suburban parish — and even most urban ones. I was struck by how robustly the worshipers sang the responses. Evidently, the pastor had been sick in recent weeks, and this was his first weekend back. He was warmly welcomed and delivered a folksy homily about the ups and downs of family life as moms and dads try to raise their children to be holy. And to think Bergoglio wants to kill this.

  4. IaninEngland says:

    The Catholic Mass (SSPX). A fair number of new faces over the last couple of weeks (refugees, I suspect), from all walks of life, ages, colours and nationalities. The choir of babies was in full voice this morning (I love that!) and the congregation has definitely grown since the recent documents.
    Father spoke this morning from the Gospel: “And He went down with them to Nazareth with them, and was subject to them.” Jesus, the Son of God, the Word by which everything was created, humbled Himself and was subject to His mother Mary and His step-father, Joseph, creatures whom He had made. For you and me, virginity (i.e. the total offering of ourselves to God) is no good without also imitating Jesus’s humility, as He humbled Himself before men and, within the Holy Family, before His earthly parents, in particular.

  5. dahveed says:

    Father, the 10:30 High Mass at Holy Family in Dayton was packed. Father’s sermon gave good advice to fathers, mothers, and children on living a holy life, and the inspiration of the Holy Family. Beautiful schola, as well.

  6. kurtmasur says:

    I am delighted to confirm that TLM attendance at my diocesan parish church is strong and today it was crowded….and we have 2 Sunday sung masses to accommodate the overflow! There is also a NO, which I presume to be unicorn since it’s the same TLM priests who offer that.

    Btw, our TLMs continue to be published, but this time the name of the celebrant priest for each particular mass is not being announced anymore because, you know…. .

  7. iPadre says:

    At the NO I talked about the three events in salvation history that took place at Qasr al-Yahud and how they relate to our baptism. Chosen people crossed into the promised Land; Elijah was taken up into heaven and Elisha given a portion of his spirit; and the Baptism of our Lord.

    At the EF, I talked about our Lord knowing who He is. Displayed in today’s Gospel. And we must study theology like St. Thomas Aquinas before the tabernacle. Adoration and prayer are necessary to water our knowledge with the Holy Spirit.

  8. At the Vetus Ordo, Father spoke about the virtue of obedience in each member of the Holy Family. Joseph obeyed the message of the Angel in his dream about the source of Mary’s pregnancy. Mary submitted herself to God’s Will with her fiat. Jesus chose to become an infant and child subject to Joseph and Mary, when He is actually their Master. He stressed that our families need to model the obedience to God and each other shown to us by the example of the Holy Family.

    This was a diocesan Mass, good attendance considering the weather and football (an afternoon Mass in the Eastern time zone). And no masks required, unlike every NO Mass in this diocese.

  9. Gregg the Obscure says:

    another week, another awesome homily and liturgy from the Cathedral rector (OF @ 1030).

    as to liturgy: he used the traditional blessing of water before using it to bless those assembled, Roman Canon, plentiful incense, Gregorian chant, St. Michael prayer; moreover, the Ordinary (which kind of goes without saying given use of chant), Mysterium Fidei, and Marian Antiphon were all in Latin.

    as to homily: he started with a lovely recounting of his Christmas celebration with his family (understandably a few days after 12/25 given his schedule). Father hosted the evening, including his brother’s three children who are all less than six years of age. As one would expect, the children required some occasional correction given the excitement and the novel location. The children’s father was both strong and gentle when that need arose and they responded very well to their own father’s embrace. All people long to be embraced, and the embrace of a father is particularly potent. In a sense, the Lord was embraced by The Father when He sanctified the waters of baptism. The rector then described the graces conveyed when a sinful human is baptized and quoted St. Augustine who said that a good confession is even more miraculous than baptism itself (great subtle pitch to get the assembled to go to confession!). He also mentioned that while today is the end of the Christmas season on the current liturgical calendar, the decorations in the Cathedral will remain up until the more traditional end of the season on the feast of the Presentation. He also made a pitch for the Archdiocesan Respect Life Mass this upcoming Saturday at 1130

    Sadly attendance was bleak. My hope is that either (a) the residual ice on many local streets was the cause of that, or, better yet, (b) the last Mass of the day (ad orientem and all Latin) has captured the majority of the former 1030 attendees.

  10. summorumpontificum777 says:

    Diocesan TLM. Great sermon on the Holy Family… as well as on the decline of “family” in our culture and our responsibility to hold the line with respect to our own lives and families. I would say attendance was good, though may be still slightly below the immediate post-TC peaks of last summer. Not sure if the recent covid-19 surges are keeping some people home or what. I will note, however, that I saw an acquaintance of dozen years ago for the first time ever at TLM. To the extent that I know him, I would describe the fellow as a serious, orthodox Catholic who was semi-active in Catholic young adult group, but, as far as I know, he was never a TLM guy. Until today. So, it’s interesting that the vetus ordo is still gaining new recruits in spite of, or perhaps because of TC. You know, occasionally from Catholics I admire I hear commentary about the malign influence of the internet, social media, smartphones, etc., and of course, there’s some truth to that. But at the time, the internet has been a great gift in that there’s not a doubt in my mind that it has played a huge role in bringing people to tradition. Smart, engaged Catholics have the ability to do their own research and their own reading and their own analysis of the situation we’re in. And it’s heartening to see so many people coming to the same conclusions and embracing the traditional Mass.

  11. JonPatrick says:

    NO Mass for the Baptism of the Lord. Jesus was without sin and therefore did not need baptism. By being baptized he instead sanctified the waters so that our baptisms would confer sanctifying grace, so that when we are baptized our original sin is washed away, we become members of the Christian community, and we become capable of receiving actual graces. He also spoke of the importance of the other sacraments including (you guessed it) confession, which he never fails to bring up during a homily.

  12. Ms. M-S says:

    At a TLM as usual full of families with many children, Father included in his discussion of holiness in families a lengthy exhortation to bring all the children to Mass rather than leave them at home until they stop making noise. Father said he didn’t register the crying and he reminded parents that bringing the children to Mass was educating them in the Church. It was wonderful! As far as I’m concerned, the noise of babies is an essential component of a good Catholic liturgy.

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