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Chicago: Cathedral Rosary Rally for the restoration of the TLM interrupted by an assault

This deserves wider attention.   It underscores the attitude of cruelty unleashed in the tragically ill-conceived, ineptly named Traditionis custodes. In that unfortunate Archdiocese of Chicago, this … at the cathedral. From 1 Peter 5: Chicago Rosary Rally Assaulted Since February … Read More

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If a law isn’t accepted, it is essentially no law at all. Traditionis? Time will tell. Novus Ordo? Time has told.

In another post I mention reception theory regarding law, specifically Traditionis custodes. If a law isn’t accepted by the group for whom it is intended, it is essentially no law at all. One could, by this, contend that laws that were … Read More

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Hilarious statement from the Archdiocese of Chicago about the suppression of the Institute of Christ the King

ABC7 Chicago has a blurb about the Institute of Christ the King’s Shrine on the South side.  This is hilarious. “On July 31, the Shrine of Christ the King communicated to the archdiocese that they would stop offering Mass and … Read More

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VISUAL CONTRASTS in Chicago… remember the TLM must be suppressed in favor of…. what, exactly?

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ACTION ITEM: Prayer to avert a serious act of persecution – UPDATED

UPDATE 15 July: It seems that, again, there are those who cannot keep things to themselves.  I had hoped to build a prayerful barrage regarding this really bad news, in the hope that, perhaps, there were still some chances that, … Read More

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Archd. of Chicago: bubbles

In Chicago, the Traditional Mass is being suppressed.   No.  The people who want the TLM are being suppressed: lots of large young families of committed Catholics, etc. But this… Dear @CardinalBCupich , They are at it again. Please help. pic.twitter.com/reOWZvvUkV — … Read More

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More fresh hell from Chicago

Sometimes, when I get a text, I have shivery feeling that it will be more bad news. “What fresh hell is this?”, I quote to myself. “Sheesh, Fr. Z, try to catch up!”, some of you are chuckling. Sometimes, I … Read More

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Exceptionally cringeworthy Fr. Jackass and his final “rock on” guitar blessing. (NB: CHICAGO…. CUPICH….) – UPDATE

UPDATE: 22 Feb 2022 It’s a good thing some of those videos were downloaded first.  And I imagine that some folks in Chicagoland will drop in from time to time, with their phone cameras, just to enjoy the show. Originally … Read More

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Giving the diocese your proverbial 2¢.

For those of you who, fed up, are tempted to give to your local diocese your proverbial 2¢. From my correspondent:  I wrote to you a bit ago about sending Cardinal Cupich my two cents.  I did and received my … Read More

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There was a BIG rally in Chicago today to ask Mary to soften the heart of Card. Cupich, who is actively attacking Catholics who desire traditional sacred worship. Remember: an attack on the RITE is really an attack on the … Read More

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6 February ’22: Rosary Rally in Chicago for end to the persecution of Catholics who want the Traditional Latin Mass

Before anything else.  Prelates cannot persecute the Mass.  They cannot persecute a book.  They cannot persecute a Rite.   They persecution PEOPLE who want Holy Mass through a book, the Missale Romanum, of the Roman Rite in the Vetus Ordo. They persecution … Read More

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New of new cruelty in @archchicago from @CardinalBCupich

A note from a reader… Since you have posted about Cardinal Cupich’s TLM restrictions, I thought you should know that permission for 3 parishes (St. Mary of Perpetual Help, St. John Vianney, and St. Odilo) have all been denied. The … Read More

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Cupich’s war on Catholics continues: a Chicago pastor speaks up – UPDATED with tweet from Bp. Strickland @Bishopoftyler

UPDATE 17 Jan 2022: The thugs got busy. UPDATE 16 Jan 2022: God bless Bp. Strickland. This brave priest goes to the heart of the issue. “Do we go the way of Jesus Christ or do we accommodate and compromise … Read More

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Sat 15 Jan – CHICAGOLAND ALERT: Rosary Rally – SaveTheLatinMass.ORG

I received this note: CHICAGO ROSARY RALLY Holy Name Cathedral 11:30 AM SATURDAY JANUARY 15TH Please help get this out to people in the Chicago area. These rallies are building resistance to Cupich’s crackdown. You can bet all the bishops … Read More

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There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days

There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days, evidenced in Catholic news, what with the harsh diktats about the Vetus Ordo and the wild sacrilege at St. Sabina. It’s sad.  Such a great city.  So many … Read More

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Card. Cupich has his own Pachamama Moment. People who want the Traditional Latin Mass must be crushed, but this is apparently okay.

I’ve always been interested in Chinese history and culture, and the regional cuisines – when well prepared – are amongst the best on earth. I got to know the Chinese Catholic community in Rome pretty well and found them to … Read More

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UPDATED – Archdiocese of Chicago drops the axe on more than the Traditional Latin Mass

UPDATE 27 Dec 2021: There is no way… NO WAY… that this wasn’t all coordinated. At vaticannews.va: Originally Published on: Dec 27, 2021 What could one expect from Cupich?  Really?   We knew that he would, eventually, issue something the cruelty of … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! MUST SHARE! DO YOUR PART! In Chicago – “Save the Latin Mass Campaign”

MUST SHARE! DO YOUR PART! You might remember Cupich’s fawning comments about Traditionis custodes. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, November 16th The Coalition for Canceled Priests in conjunction with the Lepanto Institute and Regina Magazine has launched Save the Latin Mass in … Read More

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UPDATED – VIDEO: Priest announces he and people have been forbidden to say St. Michael Prayer and Hail Mary after Mass.

UPDATE: For fairness…. UPDATE: For commonsense…. I encourage the priests in our diocese to pray the St Michael prayer & a Hail Mary or Marian hymn after Mass. Certainly it should be after the Mass has concluded. These prayers can … Read More

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Communion for openly-lesbian Chicago Mayor – the devil is in the details

Check out this piece at the National Catholic Register (not to be confused with the National Schismatic Reporter aka Fishwrap). Background: A Chicago – Murder Central USA – police officer was killed in the line.  Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic … Read More

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