VIDEO: Enjoy this with a little popcorn

Enjoy this with a little popcorn:

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  1. I’d get my popcorn out except I was going to hurl when I knew who it was. (Forgive me, Father, but I am weak.)

  2. John Malloy says:

    This lady knew what she was doing. And she trolled him with a smile on her face!

  3. Uniaux says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. What perfect delivery of the questions!

    It is interesting to consider, if Fr. Martin were to return to the full teachings of the Faith, how much of a force for good he would be.

  4. The Astronomer says:

    Wow, a Catholic Fox News reporter calling out cultural Marxism to the foremost advocate of Church acceptance of sodomy and throwing in the Traditional Latin Mass for good measure (perhaps some salt in the sodomite wound?). Inside Fr. Twinkletoes, Etth Jay was thinking “Ambush!!!”

    Nice start to the week.

  5. Joe says:

    I don’t know what to make of a Catholic reporter addressing a priest as “Reverend.”

  6. CatholicNerdGirl says:

    I had never heard the interviewee actually speak before, though I’ve seen his writings all over the place in the supposedly “Catholic” world.

    His voice, as well as his look, suggest that he advocates for himself, if you know what I mean.

    As for the reporter calling him “reverend”, she probably couldn’t bring herself to call him “Father”. :(

  7. Gaetano says:

    Fr. Martin says that we need to “go where people are and speak in their language.”

    Apparently that doesn’t apply to certain groups that prefer to celebrate the liturgy in a particular language.

  8. Pumpkin Eater says:

    Liked the interviewer very much. Give the interviewee credit for accepting the challenge. There are a lot of priests of his lost generation who are trying to do their very best — including Fr. Martin himself. Who are we to question their good faith? Let’s pray that their successors do as good or better job. I’m optimistic. We know by faith that the Church will prevail.

  9. Sportsfan says:

    Martin seems to think “people” are the center of the Church. It seems to me the Church should endeavor to bring “people” to God and teach them how to speak His language.
    God has a right to be worshipped that outweighs all other rights. We should worship him in a way that is most pleasing to Him.

  10. VForr says:

    The reporter is Rachel Campos Duffy if I am not mistaken. She is a Catholic, a wife, mother of many children, and a spitfire. She is not a shrinking violet.

  11. kurtmasur says:

    Not sure if the reporter had any background information on who this “catholic” priest was, but her questions were spot on. I wonder what went through his head when he heard the question relating to the Latin mass being more popular with the youth. Ha!

  12. redneckpride4ever says:

    Fr. Martin: “I’m gonna go on Fox News and push my hateful modernist agenda.”

    Rachel Duffy: “Hold my beer.”

  13. redneckpride4ever says:

    Yesterday and today I had 2 wonderful TLMs with the SSPX, now this. Best New Year’s weekend in a couple decades!

  14. Gaetano says:

    She’s a Catholic speaking to a Catholic priest, but she keeps calling him “reverend”.

    Almost as though he’s an Episcopalian minister.

  15. Eugene says:

    Hmm a real Catholic mother of EIGHT children talking to a high ranking member of the jesuit religion.
    I am not sure he was the best choice to speak about how to get people back in churches, however.

  16. AnthonyJ says:

    I’m glad she didn’t call him “Father”. Any priest who advocates for the homosexual agenda doesn’t deserve to be called a Father. I always refer to him as James Martin SJ.

  17. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr. Z:

    Thanks for posting. I saw this live this morning and at first my thought was “why is he there?” Rachel Campos Duffy REALLY impressed me with her line of questions and handled it tactfully. She must have known ahead of time he was booked and was able to do some GOOD prep work. I did appreciate the question about Mass attendance online, and I spent Christmas visiting relatives in another city where my mother’s parish seems to have more stringent COVID protocols (the pastor may be caught between a rock and a hardplace) than where I live.

    I even rewatched the interview on television after she was done. Give Rachel some credit and she caught him off guard. I probably would have lost my temper (I got in my share of fights in my younger days) if I was given an assignment like that.

  18. AA Cunningham says:

    “if Fr. Martin were to return to the full teachings of the Faith, how much of a force for good he would be.” Uniaux says:
    2 January 2022 at 1:15 PM

    As a member of the Jesuit order, one could argue that Martin LGBTQXYZSJ – aka “The Pied Piper of sodomy” – never embraced the teachings of the Church to begin with.

  19. AA Cunningham says:

    “Hmm a real Catholic mother of EIGHT children”
    Eugene says:
    2 January 2022 at 8:31 PM “

    Nine children including her youngest, Valentina StellaMaris, who has Down’s syndrome.

    Rachel Campos Duffy

  20. doghouse says:

    I spent 30+ years in the media (radio/tv/print) and I swam the Tiber 11-years ago. I am deeply humiliated by both parties in this trainwreck. I want my Church back. I want my past profession to be worthy of respect again. It’s not looking good at this point.

  21. Dave P. says:

    AA Cunningham:

    Believe it or not, there are some faithful sons of St. Ignatius out there.

  22. monstrance says:

    Fr Jimmy won’t make that mistake again.
    He’s feels much more at home at CNN.
    The Latin Mass quip was somewhat out of the blue.
    The Campos Duffy brood might be traddies ?

  23. JonPatrick says:

    This interview really brought out the hypocrisy of the Church claiming to “meet people where they are” yet treating those desiring tradition with the harshest and meanest response.

    It is a crazy world we live in where a TV news reporter comes across as more Catholic than a priest.

  24. Andrew Hollingsworth says:

    I think it worked rather better with the reporter addressing Fr Martin as reverend. If she had called him Father it would have limited the interest to none Catholics. Overall it was a good exchange to draw interest to the faith and of course Fr Martin’s more controversial views were not aired.

  25. j stark says:

    Yet…liberals on Fr. Martins Twitter are saying he did a great job. The interview had no impact on people’s views.

  26. JamesM says:

    @Pumpkin Eater

    Who are we to “question their good faith”?

    I don’t know but by their fruits you shall know them……

  27. Rich Leonardi says:

    I don’t know what to make of a Catholic reporter addressing a priest as “Reverend.”
    That may be reflective of the station’s policy and not her decision.

    Who are we to question their good faith?

    You are speaking of a man who relentlessly misrepresents Church teaching and uses social media to mock faithful bishops and castigate believing Catholics.

  28. UnwaffledAnglican says:

    No link to any video. Did you take it down?

  29. Ave Maria says:

    Thanks but NO thanks! I will pass on reading or listening to anything from that man.

  30. Elizabeth D says:

    Oh my gosh. Seriously, it is worth watching. Honestly I had to stop it because I was laughing so hard.

  31. Ave Maria: You are missing out on something!

  32. Semper Gumby says:

    This is it. This is how it’s done. Common sense, confidence, discipline. Faith and Reason.

    Sure, it takes some practice, some experience. But it doesn’t matter if your sparring partner wears a white collar or a stethoscope around the neck, four stars on the shoulder or a three-letter acronym on the back of a windbreaker, an elected official pin on the lapel or, as in Amsterdam yesterday, ninja masks and blue jeans while attacking senior citizens with clubs and dogs.

    When defending the family, civilization, and Christianity, it is certainly helpful to know your opponent, but at a certain point it just doesn’t matter who your opponent is. It doesn’t matter if they are Green Room Vanity Junkies, Parish Council Karens, Bronze Age Soy Perverts, Pachamama Grooming Gangbangers, Marxist Critical Theory Barbarians, Imhotep-chanting Pyromaniac Liberal Fascists, Transhumanist Utopian Vampires, Zombie anti-Reaganites, NeverTrump Fifth Columnists, Metrosexual ChiCom Papists, TikTok-addled Arrested Development Trolls, Masculinity-yearning Fizeek Poasters, Yoga-panted Slay Kweens, Forearm-scarred Girlbosses, Fatherless Monarchists, Walking Together Sandalistas, or Pajama-boy Nietzscheans.

    At a certain point it doesn’t matter. Don’t feel sorry for any of them, it does them no good. They are often irrational and destructive. They are Very Special Children of God, they require reminding that, like the rest of us, they are mortal, flesh and blood, just another laborer in the vineyards of the Lord. Sometimes effective is the simple question “Is vanity a good use of your time here on Earth?” To dust we all return.

    In the video above Catholic Mom questioned that confused male about cultural Marxism. A helpful podcast episode on that pernicious error is from the Feb. 10, 2021 “Thinking in Public” in which Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, interviews Catholic historian Paul Kengor, author of “The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration.”

    Kengor: “So Marx and Engels, and then you go into the 1910s and the 1920s and the Frankfurt School, the Marxists who focused on culture. Cultural Marxism, these guys were Freudian Marxists, of all things. Herbert Marcuse [Herbert Marcuse, German, 1898-1979, a student and assistant to National Socialist philosopher Martin Heidegger, Marcuse synthesized Marxism and Heideggerism, the Jewish Marcuse emigrated from Nazi Germany to Columbia University, Marcuse was one of the intellectual founders of the violent and Marxist-supremacist “Anti-fascist” or “Antifa” hate movement which rages at times in the streets of the U.S.], Wilhelm Reich, who wrote The Sexual Revolution [1936], who tried to create this fusion between Freudianism and Marxism.”

    “Marx in the Opiate of the Masses essay said that, “The criticism of religion is the beginning of all criticism…critical theory, which is probably the fancier, more academic term for cultural Marxism…the only word that Marx uses as much as, if not more than criticism, is abolition. So criticism goes with abolition…They actually used the phrase, Marx and Engels, this is a verbatim quote, “Abolition of the family.””

    “Earl Browder [Earl Browder, American, Chairman of the Communist Party USA 1934-1945, NKVD/NKGB codenames “Helmsman” and “Shaman”; connected one way or another to Martha Dodd, the Silvermaster Network, and the Perlo Group; published Soviet books in the U.S.; had a remote link to the Soviet “Enormoz” atomic bomb espionage plot] is speaking at Union Theological Seminary, and it’s 1935, and he says to them, he said, “You might be surprised to know that we have preachers, preachers who are active in the Communist Party, who are actually members of the Communist Party.”

    “As Manning Johnson [black leader in the Communist Party USA who later became an anti-Communist] said, “The Devil doth quote scripture.””

  33. JPaulZ says:

    Hmmm “… no substitute for going to Mass and being with the community.” How about going to Mass and being with God. It is no surprise he shuns the TLM question. Traditional Latin Mass focus is on the prayer to God. Novus Ordo the focus is on “the community”. James Martin SJ lives in the “City of Earth” and that is made clear in this interview. Just a broken record about “meeting people where they are”, providing they are not traditional Catholics at a TLM I suppose. It is amazing what a well-formed interview can reveal about a person in just a few minutes, with no need for editing.

  34. JPCahill says:

    Alas, just a black box. . . no video link. Too “naughty” for youtube?

  35. einkleinerknabe says:

    It would be great for Wisconsin if her husband (or even she herself) ran for governor, as President Trump has urged.

  36. einkleinerknabe says:

    It would be great for Wisconsin if her husband (or even she herself) ran for governor, as President Trump has urged.

  37. AA Cunningham says:

    Believe it or not, there are some faithful sons of St. Ignatius out there.
    Dave P. says:
    2 January 2022 at 11:42 PM

    I’m well aware of that having known a few faithful, devout, orthodox members of the order over my life. However, they’ve been the exception to the rule being vastly outnumbered by the James Martin’s, et al, who infect the order.

  38. Semper Gumby says:

    If I could expand on my comment. The phrase “Pajama-boy Nietzscheans” and several other phrases were provided by friends. For “Pajama-boy Nietzscheans” itself, that is from the helpful essay by C. Bradley Thompson “The Rise and Fall of the Pajama-boy Nietzscheans.”

    An excerpt from Thompson:

    “Not only has [“catholic integralist” Dan] DeCarlo declared war against the defenders of the founders’ liberalism [Thompson does not mean Leftism, rather the Founder’s ordered liberty made, per John Adams, “for a moral and religious people”], he has called for their literal destruction. They “must be destroyed,” he wrote last year in Mere Orthodoxy, by “whatever means available.” Taking his eliminationist rhetoric to a wholly new level, DeCarlo equates the 21st-century defenders of the founders’ liberalism to the “forces of barbarism,” who must be “confronted and destroyed, as Charlemagne illustrated when he rendered his edict at Verden.””

    “Just so we’re clear: Charlemagne’s 782 edict called for and carried out the genocide of 4,500 Saxons who refused to be Christianized. DeCarlo concludes by describing Charlemagne’s act as “righteous” and one that “we must all now find the strength to emulate.””

    Whoever this DeCarlo Tough Guy-mass-murdering-wannabe is, he also sounds like a Schmittian [National Socialist legal theorist Carl Schmitt- a Nazi thug idolized by “catholic integralists” or “common-good constitutionalists” or “political catholics” or whatever they’re calling themselves these days].

    A link to Thompson’s essay:

    Thompson’s essay resulted in numerous attempts at rebuttal, mostly amateurish accompanied by ad hominem- as to be expected from anti-American Liberal Fascists with an abnormal take on Christianity best described as cult-like. Here is one reply by Thompson to those attempts at rebuttal:

    Also, regarding the “common good” there is an interesting debate in the New Criterion this month introduced by Roger Kimball and featuring an essay by Kim R. Holmes: “The Fallacies of the Common Good.” Several good additional essays follow, along with two under-informed and petulant replies by Josh Hammer and R.R. Reno. Kim Holmes then replies. (New Criterion also this month carries an essay by Victor Davis Hanson- well done).

    Again, God bless this Catholic American Mom in the video above who schooled that decadent emissary from the Marxist Pachamama Vatican.

  39. Semper Gumby says:

    If I could expand on my Earl Browder comment above: “Earl Browder, Chairman of the Communist Party USA 1934-1945, NKVD/NKGB codenames “Helmsman” and “Shaman.”

    Browder appears in both the VENONA decrypts and the Vassiliev Notebooks.

    The VENONA decrypts are Soviet espionage radio messages intercepted between 1941-1950 and decrypted by the U.S. during WW II and the Cold War. Some intercepted messages are only partially decrypted due to garbled transmission, some intercepts are not decrypted at all as the NSA halted the decryption program in 1980 deciding there was no further intelligence value thirty years later that justified the expenditure of resources. About three thousand VENONA decrypts have been made public.

    The Vassiliev Notebooks are a collection of 8 notebooks and loose pages compiled by Alexander Vassiliev in Moscow in the mid-1990s while researching “The Haunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America – The Stalin Era.” The Russian SVR intelligence service allowed Vassiliev access to the Soviet KGB Archives, but eventually denied Vassiliev access.

    Earl Browder appears in both the VENONA decrypts and the Vassiliev Notebooks.

    Francis Spellman, Archbishop of New York from 1939 until his death in 1967, appears in the Vassiliev Notebooks but not in the VENONA decrypts.

    Francis Spellman as Archbishop presided at numerous high-profile weddings, founded the Alfred Smith Dinner, and in 1939 was appointed Apostolic Vicar of the Armed Forces- in which capacity he visited troops overseas for several decades in Europe, Korea and Vietnam.

    A link to the Vassiliev Notebooks at the Wilson Center:

    In the Index and Concordance, and primarily in Vassiliev’s Yellow Notebook #3, appears numerous individuals such as Olga Algazi, described as “ghost writer for Cardinal Spellman;” Harry Brandt, described as “purchaser of articles written by Cardinal Spellman;” John Meeks, described as “representative of Cardinal Spellman in Rome, 1950.” See also Boris Morros, an American Communist Party member linked to Spellman via Spellman’s niece, who worked in Hollywood and for the Soviets (FROST and JOHN) and eventually the FBI.

    VENONA files at the Wilson Center:

    Link to the NSA VENONA page with keyword search:

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