Wherein Fr. Z recommends a new blog

I direct the readership to the blog of a good friend Fr. Cliff Ermatinger, a priest in Milwaukee.   HERE

He will be putting his reflections and other good items… which I assure you will be worthwhile.  You might bookmark it right away.


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  2. dahveed says:

    Thank you, Father. I bought Father’s most recent book, The Trouble With Magic, sometime ago. Have to move it up on the reading list.

    [I talked to him a lot while he was working on that one. REALLY interesting.]

  3. Fr. Kelly says:


    His Blog begins with a fascinating guest piece called an Exorcist Goes to the Movies.
    I will definitely avoid the movie he reviews there.
    There. I have saved a couple of hours and, perhaps, my soul.

  4. Dave P. says:

    Any possibility of making the trip down I-94 one Sunday and joining Fr. Cliff and the Canons at St. Stanislaus?

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