Daily Rome Shot 443, etc.

Daily Mass Fervorino.


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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thank you for the lovely photograph, including the memorial plaque with cross and inscription placed there by Pope Benedict XIV in 1750, which I do not recall seeing before – or even being aware of! (Finding it in Wikipedia took a bit of ranging around among Colosseum articles – the German one has had a clear photo for nearly 5 years, now, it seems, while the Italian one has a photo of the plaque with cross and inscription placed by Pope Pius IX in 1872 in the context of renovation work (also new to me); quite a number have a photo of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg’s 1815 painting of part of the interior of the Colosseum, but only the French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian have an article about La chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà al Colosseo, which it depicts (once more, new to me)…)

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