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“O tu che m’hai rubbato la capoccia,
vedi d’ariportalla immantinente
sinnò, voi véde?, come fusse gnente
me mànneno ar governo. E ciò me scoccia!”

Use your phone’s camera!

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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thank you for acquainting me (and probably many another) with this antique Roman statue apparently excavated sometime during the laying of the foundations of the Palazzo Vidoni-Caffarelli (so, c. 1515?), and nicknamed Abate Luigi and used for pasquinades. In an enjoyable 18 September 2014 article at italianways.com, Alberto Manodori Sagredo notes “after its original marble head was stolen, all the successive copies that Comune di Roma had made to replace it have been taken by thieves as well.” Its Italian Wikipedia article says the verse you quote was posted after a 1966 decapitation, and Sagredo says, “Thus Abate Luigi exclaims, in perfect Roman dialect”… – and follows the text with this translation: “To the person who stole my head: / you better bring it back immediately / else, you’ll see, just like that / they’ll give me a position in the government. And I’d find that very annoying!”

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