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From chess.com today
Black to move

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    For the chess puzzle, advance the passed pawn. If white moves his rook to intercept, move the black rook to the back row. White cannot take the pawn as his rook is pinned. He can take the black rook then black’s pawn takes the white rook, check and the pawn is queened.

  2. Good try. However, white doesn’t have to fall for that by taking the R on c1. White’s K is an attacking piece here. Instead, white moves Ke1, so that when black’s R takes the R on d1, white’s K moves to e2 to attack black’s rook on d1. Move the rook, lose the pawn. Leave the rook, lose them both. So… the solution doesn’t aim to promote that d2 pawn. Have another idea?

  3. jflare29 says:

    Well, I’ve not read any chess in awhile; I seem to recall rooks–castles–move forward/back or sideways until they meet another piece. So, Black moves his rook to the row with White’s Pawns. They can’t move sideways, so White try to protect the King, move corner Rook forward to test Black’s…attention. …And seize Black’s Rook if Black doesn’t keep his wits. Then Black move Rook to the King’s row. The King only moves one space per move, so White Rook moves back. …and the Black Rook goes sideways for checkmate.

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