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CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio and Apostolic Pardon converge

From a reader… I was the gentleman that called you in February and thanked you for harping on getting the Apostolic Pardon for the dying. I did that for my father, Daniel, and left a message after he passed. You … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priests praying in Latin when someone is dying and people are upset. Is this really the right thing to do?

From a priest… QUAERITUR: I thought this might be a question you would be interested in answering. The Prayers for the Dying in the modern ritual are brief, and rather weak. The alternative of course is the prayers from the … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 467, etc.

In May I will be with a prolife pilgrimage group in Italy.  I would like to stay longer after it is concluded (since I’ll already be there).  So, I have my tin cup out in the form of the wavy … Read More

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LENTCAzT 2022 – 42: Tuesday in Holy Week – “Satan must not be able to get hold of us…”

Daily 5 minute podcast to encourage you in your Lenten discipline. COLLECT: Sta Maria in Portico STATION: Sta Prisca TODAY: We hear about the original Gospel for this day before the Passion according to Mark was read. It concerns Mark … Read More

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