ARIZONA: Abortion Pill Rescue Network

Some of you will have heard of Heartbeat International, an organization that helps small clinics for women. Fantastic. They are also handling the nationwide network of doctors which can prescribe the REVERSAL process of the abortion pill. This DYI abortion process is getting bigger. Many women change their minds and don’t know what do to do. IT CAN BE REVERSED.

I received news today that was cheerful…

From an Arizona center that just started Rescuing babies through Abortion Pill Rescue Network 1 month ago

“ at 10:47pm, we received our first Abortion Pill Reversal phone call. Our medical team immediately called in the prescription and the client just now arrived at our location for her ultrasound. Pls, pray there will be a heartbeat and for God to give our team wisdom. This is huge!!! We only launched the APR program this month!”

Heartbeat – to learn more about Abortion Pill Rescue Network – for doctors to join our network of volunteers

Everyone should know about this.

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