ASK FATHER: Devotions for months and days of the week

From a reader…


I have begun the habit of adding a devotion to my prayers for each month. Some are obvious, like July being the Precious Blood. But, there seems to be some disagreement on certain months, like August, where some sources say it is dedicated to
the Eucharist and others to the Assumption. What are the proper dedications to each month and day of the week?

As I understand them:

January The Holy Name of Jesus
February The Holy Family
March St. Joseph
April The Holy Eucharist
May The Blessed Virgin Mary
June The Sacred Heart of Jesus
July The Precious Blood of Jesus
August The Immaculate Heart of Mary
September The Seven Dolors of Mary
October The Holy Rosary
November The Holy Souls in Purgatory
December The Immaculate Conception


Sunday Most Holy Trinity
Monday Holy Angels
Tuesday Apostles
Wednesday St. Joseph
Thursday Holy Eucharist
Friday Passion of the Lord
Saturday Blessed Virgin Mary

However, priests know that we offer votive Masses on days of the week in a traditional order: Monday – Holy Trinity, Tuesday – Holy Angels, Wednesday – St. Joseph…. etc.

I’m sure you will find other lists.

Pick one and pray!

And, please, a prayer for me.


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  1. Dave P. says:

    My Blessed Trinity Prayer Book gives Mondays to the Poor Souls and Tuesday to the Holy Angels, as well as the month of April to the Holy Spirit.

    My St. Gregory’s Prayer Book (Anglican Ordinariate) has this list:
    Sunday: Resurrection
    Monday: Holy Spirit
    Tuesday: Holy Angels
    Wednesday: All Saints
    Thursday: Blessed Sacrament
    Friday: Holy Cross
    Saturday: Our Lady

  2. anthtan says:

    Tuesday is also dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, my patron.
    I’m not sure of the origins of this tradition, but I know it exists.

  3. Patrick-K says:

    In May, I printed out a longish (5 min) prayer to Our Lady to add to our family’s nightly prayers. Since then, we’ve done the litany of the Sacred Heart in June and now the Litany of the Precious Blood for July. My 7 y/o said she wanted to save one of the print-outs for each month, presumably for some kind of commemoration. It’s natural to want to remember, preserve, commemorate special events, although the more German–er, “rational” among us might say that in the realm of pure reason God is a unified simplicity.

  4. Ages says:

    The Eastern tradition is:

    Sunday: Resurrection
    Monday: Holy Angels
    Tuesday: Saint John the Baptist
    Wednesday: Holy Cross
    Thursday: Apostles and Saint Nicholas
    Friday: Holy Cross
    Saturday: Our Lady, All Saints, and All Souls

  5. Fr. Pius, OP says:

    The old Dominican rubrics observed the following: pro Missa conventuali dici
    potest una ex sequentibus : Feria III de S. P. N. Dominico, ut infra. Feria IV de S. Thoma Aquin., die 7 Martii. Feria V de SS. Sacramento vel de D. N. Jesu Christo
    Summo et Aeterno Sacerdote, ut infra, et in eis fit Memoria Feriae de qua factum est Officium, et additur Oratio pro diversitate Temporum assignata, juxta Rubricas.

    In other words:
    Tuesday: St. Dominic
    Wednesday: St. Thomas Aquinas
    Thursday: Blessed Sacrament or Christ the High Priest

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