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The power of the traditional liturgy to open people up to the Catholic Faith must never be underestimated.

But remember… the TLM has to be suppressed. From a reader…. I was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist. I fully looked at the Catholic Church for the first time in 2008 and by 2009 was a Catholic. I now attend the … Read More

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Just Too Cool: Salt and Pepper repurposed

This is a really fun bit of correspondence.  For you chess lovers, or … perhaps flea market and collecting lovers… From a reader… Dear Father Zed, or Father Zee (as we say up here north of the 49th!!) For several … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Devotions for months and days of the week

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have begun the habit of adding a devotion to my prayers for each month. Some are obvious, like July being the Precious Blood. But, there seems to be some disagreement on certain months, like August, where some … Read More

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“Gregorian Mass” match ups: available priests with people who have requests

UPDATE 13 Aug 2022: Please follow my instructions carefully.  I post them to ease the process and so that your request doesn’t get lost. Right now, the number of requests waiting: 1 – TLM only 0 – NO or TLM … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! URGENT PRAYER SUGGESTION! Archbp. Carroll’s “Prayer for Government”

Our nation is being torn by organized factions.  The followers of those factions are mostly blind and dim dupes, the ultimate products of a long-targeted education system precisely for these days.  We run the risk of losing all that our … Read More

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