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3.5% of a group can bring the group down, turn it around, or take it over.

3.5% 3.5% of a group can bring the group down, turn it around, or take it over.  Alinsky knew this.  Demographers know this.  At 3%, groups gain significant influence. Read HERE. I was struck by something in the decree in … Read More

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“Beautiful?  The FAITHFUL paid for that.  Because they WANTED it.  And they trusted.  They trusted.”

The cruel dictates of bishops and archbishops concerning the Vetus Ordo, now in these USA invoking the cover of “Rome said so”, have a … … human face. This is what our dear pastors don’t want to see. Here is … Read More

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Invoking “Grandmother of the West”….? What is THAT all about?

SERIOUS PREAMBLE No demon has a real name.  That’s part of their punishment.  They really want a name and identity.   Invocation of a false god or spirit allows demons to step up and be recognized, take the name and get … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 519, etc.

Meanwhile…. The Masses for Cupich Project, for the change of his heart about the ICK and TLM in Chicago is up to 60 Masses as I write. White to move. Don’t get rooked. Please remember me when shopping online. It … Read More