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Today, no news from Iceland in 1972.

Let’s try an experiment.

My opponent went for a Bird and I countered with From.  I hoped it would go into a King’s Gambit, but instead it got a little weird.  The engine analyzed this game and censoriously condemned my 4. … b6??.  I did have something in mind, however, the coming double attack on f4 from 6. Bc4.  I think that was the turning point  My opponent was going to get attacked with tempo if he didn’t pull that vicious Queen back to a safer square, like e2.  It was downhill for white, which should teach us all not to play 2. d4 in the From’s Gambit.

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  1. Tony Pistilli says:

    Well played! The engine back’s off its condemnation at a greater depth, but the top move Nf6 makes sense both as normal development, gaining control of the weak e4 square, and prophylaxis against Qh5. b6 is not a bad move but gives White a tempo to make up for his silly opening and gain center control (Nc3, Qf3 – target the rook, Qe2 setting up a discovered attack when the bishop moves, etc.). Can be tough to keep your nerve when these weird openings get thrown at you, especially in faster time controls – you did well!

  2. Tony: Thanks for the comments. Yes, my 4…b2 seemed really slow to me and made me a little nervous, but I figured that anyone who would bring 2. d4 out would then attack with the queen from h, which meant the bishop to c4.

  3. colospgs says:

    it looks like he’s seen the consistory list too.

  4. Now that you mention it…

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