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Sins of the tongue

My post for the 11th Sunday after Pentecost, at One Peter Five, “This Sunday’s Gospel Has a Word that “Sums up the Whole Message and the Whole Work of Christ”” begins with a digression. Because the Gospel for this 11th … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 539, etc.

Fifty years ago today, in Reykjavík, Game 16 took place between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Fischer brought the Ruy Lopez to the board. They played to a draw by move 34. However, Spassky prolonged the game to move 60 … Read More

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Hard prophecy from St. Francis of Assisi

UPDATE: NB: After the The Great Roman™ saw this he offered: That I recall it was not included in the Franciscan Sources and it is believed to have been written at the time of Boniface VIII who suppressed a Franciscan … Read More

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