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The Vetus Ordo shall not go away and for good reasons. VIDEO. Wherein Fr. Z rants about the Vetus and the Novus.

The Vetus Ordo is not going away.  No matter how much pressure and repression, no matter how much persecution of priests and marginalization of lay people certain “shepherds” apply, it will remain and grow stronger in ways they fear more … Read More

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ASK FATHER: For a wake, Sister did a “prayer service”.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: At the visitation at a funeral home for an elderly male relative of mine, instead of a family rosary being said, the local parish sent a nondescript religious Sister, who said she’d conduct a prayer service.  … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 536, etc.

A couple of you readers have been asking for cooking pics.  I don’t have anything truly interesting right now.  However, I did get a rotisserie chicken the other day.  That produced a supper, four sandwiches and, now, soup, which is … Read More