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Old lib Irish priest (tautology?): “I despair of young priests. I’d rather we had nothing.” VIDEO

If I’ve said it once… Even as the demographic sinkhole opens up under the Church many “spiritual shepherds” would rather see a smoking crater than a sheepfold full of happy Tradition oriented Catholics. “I despair of young priests. I’d rather … Read More

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Attacks on the Rosary. Dopiness from ‘Left church’. Spiritual warfare is real. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I am sure that you have by now seen the moronic, sick, anti-Catholic dreck at The Atlantic about the Rosary written by … who?  The writer feverishly connected the use of the Rosary, as a matter of spiritual warfare – … Read More

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The persecution of Tradition, Priests and the affliction of Moral Injury

A year ago, I posted about the psychological abuse of priests and the resulting moral injury.  This topic returned to the fore as I read a recent story about a priest who was forced out of his position because he … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 543, etc.

In chess news… it seems there is to be a merger of chess.com and Magnus Carlsen’s group of companies (e.g., Chessable, Chess24, New in Chess). Chess.com has, already, some 90 million members who play some 10 million games a day. … Read More

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