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Coincidences? I think not.

I recently wrote: I am convinced that one of the reasons certain bishops and priests seem determined to suppress the TLM and isolate, marginalize the people who want it is because the TLM unsettles, disturbs, annoys, irritates, needles, vexes clerics … Read More

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Liturgical Question: Which of these is NOT like the other?

Which one of these things is not like the others? A) Cross-hatched loaf.   Get a a little cheese, some slices of sausage, some wine… what’s not to like? B)  Hot Cross Buns.  Hot from the oven!  Yum. C)  The “bread” … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 531, etc. – packed!

Catholic?  Have a site or web project?  The Catholic Signal Corps might be just the right resource for you.  Recently we helped Padre Pio Press. Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance. US HERE – UK HERE  These links take you … Read More

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