Daily Rome Shot 545, etc.

In Reykjavík, 50 years ago, in the background they are negotiating about film rights. Game 19 is tomorrow.

On a personal note, I was working on chess puzzles and totally going to the zoo to the point where I wanted to stop. I pushed through and there was a turning point where I started seeing things accurately and more quickly. I am not ready for puzzle rush, but it felt like a “moment”.

Meanwhile… white to move.  Tricky.

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  1. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    A note on Michelangelo’s horned Moses: it may not have been a mere mistranslation of a Hebrew word by Saint Jerome (“become horned” and “become radiant are Hebraic homophones)… the term is translated by the Jew Aquila into Greek as “horned,” and contemporaneous to Jerome are preserved Aramaic Jewish poems which are quite literal about Moses having horns. In addition to this, there is a middle eastern tradition of portraying divinely touched figures with horns; this occurs with Alexander the great and his Seleucid successors on many coins, and later on Alexander is himself commemorated in the Koran (he is venerated as a prophet in Islam) as “Dhulkarnein,” “the two horned lord.”

  2. Edward says:

    “Michelangelo’s Light” in the Church of St. Peter’s Chains. Once you make it up the stairs from the street below, you are treated to the Church with it’s two treasures, Michelangelo’s sculpture and the glass case enclosing what are claimed to be the chains which bound St. Peter. We were fortunate to attend mass there last May while in Rome.

    Thanks for the memory.

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