Daily Rome Shot 567, etc.

In Napoli, the blood of St. Januarius, San Genaro, liquified on his feast day, to the relief of Neapolitans everywhere.

Be sure to check out the good monks of Le Barroux who are making wine from the ancient papal vineyards in S. France.

White to move.  You should get this one pretty quickly.

Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance.



I obtained this.  Note well the text in the “crawl” at the bottom.   It is a snip from coverage of a Trump rally a couple days ago in Ohio. The crawl mentions the recent pilgrimage in D.C. in favor of the Vetus Ordo.

“Catholics march as Pope, Cardinal try to end the Latin Mass”

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  1. Adam Piggott says:

    K F3-G6

    That gives white two option for checkmate after that, black can’t cover both.

  2. Adam, you clearly got the winning move. However, I suggest the notation would be better as N rather than K. Or, if you have the departure square as well as the arrival, maybe without the indication of the piece.

    So, you got the first move, threatening mate in one. What next? Say, white responds with Qe1 defending that f2 square in front of the exposed monarch? Then what for black?

  3. Chrissin says:

    That’s because it’s Newsmax. Otherwise it’s news to no one.

  4. Adam Piggott says:

    Thanks for the help on the notation; I’m more used to playing chess as opposed to describing it.

    With that move by the Q, white would respond with Nh7#.

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