Daily Rome Shot 569, etc.

Someone watched the consistory.

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Black to move.


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  1. Brian64 says:

    I must one day make a trip to Rome – once the TLM is allowed there – and attend Mass in some of these wonderful churches.
    Rook to g5, pinning the Bishop to the King and threatening mate with either Queen to g2 (protected by the Rook) or h2 (protected by the bishop). White cannot counter both.

  2. frdanbecker says:

    …. Rg5!

    [Well done.]

  3. Neal says:

    1. …Rg5
    Black pins the white square bishop. If white take the rook with the black square bishop, Qh2#. All other moves delay the inevitable.

    [Precisely. The rook sac opens up that diagonal for the bishop permitting the queen’s lethal slide forward.]

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