ROME 22/10 – Day 16: Fountain famous and fountain found

The sun rose at and will set at and the Ave Maria should call at 18:45. It is the 19th Sunday after Pentecost.

And there’s this…

Sites and sounds.

An homage to friends in Chicago.

The other day I wrote about the change of from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian on the night that St. Teresa of Avila died.   I mentioned a pair of fountains (one by San Salvatore in Lauro) that were made in the time of Gregory and a Latin inscription that can still be see in the entrance to a palazzo at the intersection of the Via dei Prefetti and the Via della Lupa (no. 17).  One of the participants here posted a Gold Star comment about the Latin text.  HERE

I went to find that inscription, and the old fountain, which I had not seen for many years.

At the Piazza del Popolo I spotted this, which says just about everything about Rome.

A lime green Lamborghini in front of a Vespa in front of a garbage truck in front of a church.

And at the Piazza…

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