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Wow… just… wow….

WOW. I am a bit at a loss for words, after reading this. It is dead on. I would only quibble with one small part, but even in that he has a point that ought to be considered. There are … Read More

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Diebus Saltem Dominicis – 18th Sunday after Pentecost: Have we forgotten who we are?

I’m pretty much at the end of  Trent: What Happened at the Council by John O’Malley. [US HERE – UK HERE]   O’Malley cannot be thought to be a proper theologian, but he is a pretty good historian and a good writer.  His book … Read More

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Card. Müller: “we must resist” the hostile takeover of the Church

The other day I saw in a dreadful video something really alarming in regard to the Synodal (“walking together”) process.  The implication was that the Holy Spirit will change the Church and the Church’s doctrines because the Holy Spirit will … Read More

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ROME 22/10 – Day 7: Fishy First Friday

Today, though it happened behind the buildings, the Roman sun arose on this First Friday at 07:11 and it will set with glorious light and color at 18:44.  The Ave Maria should be at 19:00.  It is the 451st anniversary … Read More