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22 October: Sts. Nunilo and Alodia! Virgins and Martyrs – Pray for us!

A couple years at this time I was in the Vatican gardens. I saw the “Peace Tree” where an Imam recited a sutra from the Koran intended to claim the Vatican for Allah.  Nope.  I said some very harsh things … Read More

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Online video course on St. Augustine’s “City of God” to begin on 2 November ’22

My friend Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing and excellent commentator often on EWTN is going to teach another online course. I followed his courses on Dante’s Divine Comedy and on Augustine’s Confessions, both of which were worthwhile for me, even though … Read More

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ROME 22/10 – Day 22: A Tale of Two Pignatelli (…not a shape of pasta)

Our Roman glimpse of Helios was at 7:28 and the final glimpse should be at 18:20. The Ave Maria is slated for 18:30. In the older calendar we have today St. Mark of Jerusalem. In the newer calendar we have … Read More

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