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ASK FATHER: What is a reasonable donation to a priest for a request to say a Mass?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What is a reasonable ordinary donation to a priest in connection with a request to say a mass. Or a reasonable range? I understand that it is not strictly necessary to send a certain amount, and … Read More

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ROME 22/10 – Day 11: Not snuffed out yet

The sun rose in Rome at 7:16 and will set at 18:37. The Ave Maria rings at 18:45. Today is the Feast of the Maternity of Mary and it also marks the 60th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II. … Read More


11 Oct 1962 – the opening of Vatican II and John XXIII’s speech

11 October 1962 saw the opening of the Second Vatican Council.  John XXIII, brushing off the reservations of advisors and those whom he consulted, determined to have that Council (but who refused to reveal of Secret of Fatima at Our … Read More

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